Sasural Simar Ka 17th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli says to simar don’t give up. SImar says I will save my family from Guru ji. I am waiting for Guru ji’s next opinion. Roli says I am sure till you are here nothing wrong will happen.
Sid says whats happening in this house. What to do. He says is roli in the room? She says how did you know? He says I am the heart you are the heartbeat. I don’t need eyes to see see you. I can feel your presence. Roli says don’t be mad. Everything will be okay soon. He says I don’t know what to do. Roli says don’t worry. This time will go away and everything will be like it used to be.

Guru ji reads the book and says there is nothing in it. But there must be a solution.
Sid says to simar what are you trying to say? Simar says if we have to

save roli and prem we have to talk to indra. Sujata says what are you saying? Simr says for me prem was even ready to risk his life. Sujata says you can’t risk your life. Simar says I can. Roli says this will be indra’s win. You can’t risk your life. Simar says the day I came here I promised myself that until I am alive i will be there for this family. Its about time. Please don’t try to stop me.

Guru ji is praying. He says please show us a way. Please show us the way through which we can cut Indra’s magic on prem. Suddenly a page of book opens in front of him. he reads story of a king in it. He met a witch in his empire. He takes out all the details and makes a sign. He sees in other books for that sign.

Simar goes out and says indra can you listen to me. Sujata says please stop her mata ji. Mataji says she bound us. Simar says come here indrawati. I accept your demands. Indra comes and says wow you missed me. You must have calculated that prem and roli will never be back without my help. I wont help for free though. Sima says what price do you want? Indra says 100 years ago, we have to end the story. If you wanna see prem alive give him to me. I promise roli and prem’s pain will end. My powers will protect them. Either see your husband dying. Or give him to me and give him his life back. Shame on you.Prem was ready to give his life for you and you are thinking. shame on you. cant you do this for him. Simar says what else do you want. Indra says death of whole bharadwaj house.

Precap-Guruji calls simar and ays i have found a way. In front of this power no evil power can sustain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. episode s nice.I want to get end this track soon .and roli I miss u so much

  2. Nye episode…..plz end dis track

  3. Roli went during mohini nw indravathi’s chapter is gng to over without roli…..only simar in action……k atlest after tis track plz give importance to rosid…….than others….

  4. Guruji got the solution but it should not shown like indravathi is going to kill guruji. If this happens this will be more dragging again. No one should die including guruji but indravathi chapter should come to an end.
    Hope for the same.

  5. oh god atlast got rosid scene…even though its roli shillouette…i luvd it..hope roli vl bback soon

  6. yeah we wanna roli

  7. Half update was not written

  8. In previous episodes when mataji went to read for a solution to kill indravathi then guruji told to mataji that no evil power can enter into the room but in todays episode when guruji is reading the books how come indravathi entered there and did her magic. How did it happened now? Don’t u think its going crazy day by day.

  9. I thought the lady is roli by whom indrvathi used to get afraid. Then y indravathi is nt bringing roli back. There is some logic between roli and indravathi. Roli and simar milkar ee ladayi lade to acha hoga. It will be very interesting then

  10. After so long months our rosid scenes…wat a scene..pls bring roli in a normal state soon..

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