Sasural Simar Ka 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The other players says to roli you can’t come her until vikaas is out. you can’t break the rules. Mata ji pretends to stand herself. she gives the knife to mausi ji.

Mausi ji says you are so stupid? you thought you could stab me? you have never won from me. Mata ji screams and sobs. simar says mata j what happened to you. Simar says how can you do this mausi ji? Police will arrest you for sure. Mausi ji says i have to stabbed her, she cut her hand herslef. maya says did this. This is why we have lodged the complaint against you alraedy. You will be responsible for whatever happens to mata ji. Mausi ji says what are yous saying? maya says we even have proof. maya says this knife, maus throws it away. Maya says didi our plan is going according to plan. Lets put this to an end.

simar says you are right maya.

roli and rest of the people are waiting outside. Roli says he has gone to the room.

Amar comes with the cops. mausi ji says she cut her own hand and now she is blaming me at least think about your age. inspector says do you have a proof that they are lying? mausi ji says yes i have. inspector says tell us what is it? mausi ji says i do. She says look at the look on their face, dont you think they are laughing inside? They know that i can’t have a proof. She says they are celebrating my defeat. Its their plan, they are making you fool. Inspector says this is baseless. i know that you are innocent and its all their plan. Actually i am part of this plan too. Mausi ji is dazed. Maus ji is dazed. roli says we are glad you told her. Amar says she is thinking right. neither you nor your son can save you. Your game has ended.

Sid comes and sees vikaas dead. Servant says we told you, you can always encounter terrors here. He lost his life as well. The other one says i am sure, you kill people in the name of terrors this is not fair. you want to kill us all but we are not gonna be trapped anymore. i dont wanna play this. i am leaving right now. servant says if you step out, aryan will kill you. sid and roli are shocked. sid says in heart i have to stop him, or rasjeshwari will tell everything to rajveer.

Sid says this game and house can only be left if you have rajeshwari’s permission if you go otherwise i will have to kill you. you shouldnt forget the contract you signed and they have those papers if i kill you we wont go out of law. focus on your game.
Aryan orders him to come in again.
simar says yes we did this so you can sent to jail, where you belong to. insepctor says that planning had to be done carefully.

precap-Maya sings the song mausi ji made simar sing. she says dont you get it now?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ub

    One thief vikaas who first searched for that precious thing is killed by some one… After that what happen

  2. Aviman

    After dat anthr theif get fear and tried to get out of the house sid aryan told him dat not to go out r i will kill you lyj dat he said to thee thief .

  3. Nothing yaar do u remember that day mausiji asked simar to do march fast by singing the song in street tat same song nw Maya will sing and take mausiji to jail……

  4. annah(anu)

    Awsm epi! There rosin doing great job!_ there roli is trying to get Mani n here simar is sending mj to jail…….juz superb!!!!!

  5. Aviman

    Fr me too akshu I also not able to get colors channel tdy yaar..anyone tell tdy wat hapend? Guyzz..

  6. Aviman jst nw i saw in u tube yaar today very nice episode…..maya made mausiji to do marchfast on road it was very funny u watch in u tube yaar…..

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