Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush says for next 30 days you can’t ask anyone to leave this. Everyone heaves a sigh of relief. Anjali says this is not possible. Piyush says it is. I am the son of this house. I will always stand in front of them. Roshni says read the papers and know for sure. Anjali says this can’t happen. SAmir says this paper is real. Lets go from here. He takes her to room.

Mataji says I am sorry Piyushl. She hugs him. Mataji says I was so wrong about you and you lefft your house. Ananiya is in tears.
Sami says we can’t do anything. These papers are real. Anjaali says I hate them.

Mataji hugs Piyush and says thank you so much. Simar hugs him. ROshni says i told you everything will be fine. I am sorry ma. Ananiya says no I am sorry roshni. I don’t

deserve pardon. Please forgive me. I did so wrong with you. You saved us from being homeless. THank you. Roshni says I am glad all misunderstandings are gone. Ananiya hugs her. KB says to Pari she has changed the party. Piyush says this house is ours and will always be. We have to be patient though. We will fight this battle and win what is ours back. They all vow.

Anjali says I can’t tolerate them, I hate them. Samor says I have an idea. She says what? He says I will tell you on right time. They come downstairs. Anajli says wait everyone. You all have the stay order now. Stay in our house but remember everything will be according to me and you all have to do house chores. Mataji as well. I will assign you duties. Arav is the driver. Pari says how dare you. Samir says to stay alive you all have to work. Anjali says if you don’t work you won’t get anything to eat. Ananiya and roshni are the cooks. And now sanju, she will clean the house. This chart has everyone’s duties in it. And you will only get 15 minutes break to have meal. Pari says what is this. Anjali says your life will be even worse. She throws the paper there and leave.
Mataji is in tears. She says I was alive to see this day..

Simar says to Anjali how can you do this. Mataji can’t work. Anjali says there is so much work in the house they have to work. Go from here I don’t have time. Simar says give me their work. Anali says from today you are my personal maid. You have to everything that I order. First thing bring my sandals. Simar is dazed. She picks her sandals and gives it to anajli. She makes anajli wear them. Anjalu says good.

Scene 2
Sanju comes to samir. She says how can you do this. she grasps his collar and says how can you do this. I am your wife. You promised me love and you were my friend. He shoves her and says it was all drama. I never loved you. Better stay away from me or I will ruin your life more. He shoves her leaves. Simar comes and picks sanju. She says I loved samir and I got this in return. Mataji says stay strong. She hugs her.

Precap-Arav hits Samir. He says how dare you misbehave with my sister. Piyush stops them. Anjali comes and says ask him to stay away from my husband or i will make him worse than siamr. Piyush is about to slap her. Arav stops him. Anjali says nows see how I avenge this insult.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i hate samir and anjali
    poor sanjana because of them she is suffering all the pain and sadness

  2. where is roshini bro i wish sanju amd roshini bro to marry samir do not deserve sanju love

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