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Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kamiya says you killed my Rakesh now you want to kill my Prem too? She and Mahmaya are fighting. Simar tries to wake Prem up. He says you are not my Simar. Simar says I am fooling them, trust me. Simr lives in your heart. Ask your heart if I am not Simar? Prem says are you okay? Simar says yes but we don’t have time. Come with me.You have to support me in this. Mahmaya and Kamiya are fighting. Simar says this is the only way we can get out of here. We have to use her, assure her that you love her. We don’t have any other option. They are against each other now. Do as I ask.
Kamiya chains Mahmaya. Mahamaya says what are you doing? You are making a mistake. Kamiya says I am doing right. Kamiya says I am wrong? I will show you what wrong is. She thursts a cloth in Mahamaya’s

mouth. Kamiya looks at Prem and says are you okay? She hugs him and says I love you Prem. Prem says I love you too. Kamiya is dazed. She says what you said? Prem says I love you. It was my mistake that I couldn’t recognize. The girl who can fight her mom for me, she can do anything for me. Kamiya says its okay, I knew one day we would be together. SImar says in heart this is your loss. Prem says never leave me. Kamiya says I won’t ever. Let’s get out of here. She releases Prem.
All three of them get out of there.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sujata is looking at Mataji’s photo. Prem comes in, Sujata hugs her and says my Prem is back. Sid says where were you prem? When and how you came back? Rajhinder says where were you? Prerna says why aren’t you saying anything? Sujata says you don’t know what happened when you left. Mataji left us. Kamiya says leave my Prem alone. Sujata says what is she saying. Kamiya says don’t touch him only I have right to touch him. I and Prem have decided we are getting married very soon. Everyone is shocked. Sid says what the hell are you saying? Prem is married to Simar. Simar comes in and says because I am not Simar anymore. I am Kaal. And when Simar is no more, her relations are gone too. Kamiya laughs. Simar says I will take you two somewhere at 5pm where you two will get married.

Mahamaya says what is happening Kaal? That simar is fooling my daughter. She is fooling us.
Simar bring Prem and Kamiya at a place. Kamiya says what place is this? Simar says you two will get married here. Kamiya says lets go in. Simar says I will go in first and check. If there is any pure power, it will be dangerous for you.
Simar goes inside the place. Amar is there. Amar says after 30 minutes witches would be weakest. Simar says at that moment no evil will work? Amar says we have to catch them all there in that moment. Simar says okay.
Simar reads a mantra and Prem and Kamiya sit there near the fire.
Kamiya hears a noise. She looks back. Kamiya says why didn’t anyone come? I am not getting anything Kaal? Has my maa done to anything to him? SImar says mahmaya will regret if she tries to stop this wedding. Amar wonders where are rest of the witches. He says we have to keep Kamiya confused and busy here. Kamiya stands up, Simar grasps her back. She says you did all this. Because of you this happened to me. Because of you I bore all this. Kamiya says kaal I did what you asked. Simar says you did what that simar asked you to. She was fooling you all that time. Amar says oh no, the real kaal is on simar.
Simar says first of all this Prem has to die. Seh grasps prem by collar. Prem says simar what are you doing? everything was going according to the plan. The time will be passed. Only in this moment we can catch them. Leave me. Simar shoves him away. Prem is hurt. Kamiya says what have I done. Please pardon me Kaal. Simar says to Prem you wont be alive. She moves towards prem. She throttles prem. Amar says I have to do something now. Amar hits simar’s head with a rod. Simar is fainting. Amar says Kaal is on her. Bring a rope. Kamiya reads a mantra she throws a lightening on Amar. Prem says amar don’t hit siamr. Amar says she isn’t simar. Rope her. Kamiya says you fooled me prem. I won’t let anything happen to Kaal. simar shoves the rope and Prem away. Simar keeps shoving them away.
Simar throttles Prem. Amar takes out a mala from his neck. He makes Kamiya wear it. Kamiya shouts what you did. simar picks up a stone. Prem says what are you doing. I am your Prem. Amar takes the rope.Simar is about to crush Prem’s head. Amar is shocked.

Precap-Mahmaya says go kamiiya seek your revenge. Kaal is still in her womb so nothing should happen to Kaal. Kamiya picks a rodand hits Simar with it. simar screams with pain. Amar is roped. Kamiya says who will save you now? Mataji comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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