Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
the cat is scaring kids, kids start crying, Mohini comes there and finds black cat, she is shocked, she calls Roli, Simar, this cat is here and is about to attack kids, Roli and Simar comes there, simar ask kids to not be afraid, simar says what if this cat hurt kids, she goes to kids, cat leaves from there while hurting simar’s feet, Siamr says to Roli that go from here with kids, cat attacks simar, Roli ask mohini to protect kids, she goes to save Simar.
Mataji is tensed about cat, she ask Khushi to go and see where is cat, Khushi says i am scared of cats, she prays to protect her family. they are trying to find where is cat.
Roli comes there with stick, Mohini says dont kill the cat, Roli says i am just trying to shoo her away from Simar.
All family members

listens shout from room, they go to check Simar.
In room, Mohini and Simar are shocked that Roli killed cat with stick, all come there and sees it, Roli is tensed.
simar’s wounds are bandaged, roli starts crying, she says i did crime, i was saving Simar from cat and i killed it, i didnt intend to kill that cat, i did sin, Mataji says you did that to save Simar, Sid ask her to not feel guilty, you did right, Simar says i know you, you cant do wrong with anyone, you did that to save me and its not sin, Prem says yes, dont blame yourself, Mataji says cat dying in house is bad omen, this shouldnt have happen, we came to farm house to be saved from all this and here too.. this is not good omen, someone say tthat we should call pundit for peace pooja, Mataji agrees. Mohini says i feel this black cat is same which destroyed Simar and Prem’s haldi, all say that we are away from house then how can she come here? Mohini says black cat is shadow of witch, if she cast eye on someone then she follow them to everywhere, now we can go anywhere but that witch will not leave us, simar thinks something, she goes in room and tries to find something, Prem ask what you are finding? Simar says i am finding finger prints of that black cat, if Mohini is right that its same cat then there must be impression, we have to find it, Mohini says this is not simple thing, i have fought with witch, i lost my father due it, Mataji ask everyone to find finger prints in every nook and corner of house.
Everyone tries to find finger prints but doesnt find it, Simar is tensed, Prem ask her to calm down, there is no shadow of witch on us, dont worry, Mataji ask her to leave this topic here, we have to prepare for marriage too, lets go inside, they all go inside. the finger prints are in garden.
Pundit comes and starts pooja in house, Sankalp brings body of cat, Pundit says bury it outside city and put some flowers on her body, he ask Prem and Rajendra to not go as its prem’s marriage and Rajendra will do kanyadan,
Sid with others come to some isolated place, the dig grave and put cat’s body in it, they bury her body, they put flowers on grave and leaves from there.
Pundit is doing aarti in house, all family members stand and are tensed, Pundit ask to put this kalash water in house, Simar goes to sprinkle it, Pundit says to Mataji that peace pooja is done, now you can do rituals and ceremonies of marriage, he leaves, Mataji ask family to start marriage preparations again, she prays to lord that marriage happens without any problem.

PRECAP- someone comes to grave of black cat, she brings cat’s body out of grave and caresses her body, cat wakes up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please yaar stop this serial here only where the story started nd now where its going……its simply a bloddy s**t.

  2. 1st oh god precap seems badd what if its thakurain

  3. Rolli over acting.

  4. OMG this track is disgusting

  5. It is not takurain it is mohini who is dng tis to stop premar marriage….

  6. hw do u knw akshuu?

    1. she is the one stopping premar mrgg.. she is dayan (witch)

  7. Guys how are u tolerating this is boring.and how it is possible.bull suit. The directors have thrown it to dogs.

  8. Heyy m enjoying it! Don’t know y….but m lyking it

  9. spoler;
    have shifted to farm house simar’s house with devi maas photo. and the dayan’s reflections enters with them. simar gets injured and is attacked. mohini knows well that black cat dayan’s reflection will not leave them. prem and simar have to face the dayan before their marriage. there will be double drama in the show , one with premar’s marriage and other with dayan. on another front , simar attends the cleansing prayers after black cat is killed in her home. moreover, getting rid of the witch’s reflection is also on wish list. pratyusha banerjee plays the witch, and her entry and activities from the current track.

  10. i thnk dayan brings cat back and her real avatar and trabules of premar and rosid will show. at last rosim comes to know mohini is dayan and fight with her….. but, i think this track goes long…. pratyusha’s which avatar will show from now on wards…
    roli did good job today.. but, cat comes again in their lives…

  11. So stupid story…plz show something reàll…why someone want to remove the buried cat …wats the need..plz show something intresting..always bringing nonsense stories

  12. mohini kya acting kar rahe yaar… sab usne hi kar raha hai.. ilzam thakurayin par lag raha hai,.. i think its mohini is comes to grave as she is the witch and that cat with her…

  13. soo boring track….

  14. anyone…pls say me where is maya and wat happened to her…

  15. Ya even i think same its mohini who takes cat back and give its life back….and tat tatoo on sholders ……since tis mohini wearing close neck chudi cant find tat tatoo…..

  16. Sruthi Maya’s story over yaar…..

    1. why what happened to Maya..

  17. akshu wat happened to maya…

    1. her track is over.. as when rosid bring mani back from rajkumari and gives to her.. she took it and she told simar to she want to live as like human only with the all relationships.. so she want to place mani some where in temple like some place so that she went to put mani is safe place for doing pooja.. with this maya exist the show..

  18. when all bw family doing pooja mohini is not there.. no one will see her ha? no one thinks about it? mohini went behind sid and she is there in grave only.. and they saw all over house but beside the door down side they didnt see the hand print what is this yaar….??? please mohini real avtar dikha dho dont drag this.. if you drag this it will become bore as wen you drag maya nagin track.. please dont drag..

  19. again cat is coming backto there lives…

  20. but she can come after doing pooja and can live with bw family.. why mayas character is over the show
    sruthi feeling very upset????????
    Maya is so cute.. I like her very much. I didn’t saw ssk for two weeks. so I asked. thank u for our information s

  21. Wht the hell..whts the need to remary?

    1. Thats wat
      Wats the need tore marry
      This story is really boring

  22. Maya pls come back sara pls

  23. Love Rosie oh shut up roli is nit over reacting love rosid

  24. I wish d writrs cud buy sum comon sense as dey dnt hv ne of dere own. I think its a bogus serial nw. It shd b stpd imediatly. Or else evry1 wil go insane. Bt dey’ll drag mre. Maybe wid vampires, aliens n zombies 2…. Hate it.

  25. This is the only family serial where animals are given more importance like snake, cat, etc…

  26. The animals are shown as negative characters equally to the other lead characters.!!; )

  27. From the begining to current episode same expression by sid, always pose lik body builder.

    Few situations me Matarani ka itna jaadu dikaya, itna shakti hi toh phir nagin aur witch ghar ke ander kaise aaa sakta?

    Matarani krupa karke pls stop this dabba serial.

    Jai Mata di.

  28. Director shaab and vishwas ko kyu badava da raha ho.pls stop the serial

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