Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar says in heart world will see your real face soon karthik. They all leaves for the dinner. Baa says come as soon as possible.
Karthik calls someone and says I am at my house send someone, the stuff is ready. I want complete payment. Roli and aditi see that all the people have left. Roli asks aditi where is the actress. Sunnaina says let me call her but her battery is dead. Roli says what will we do now. Sunnaina says let me go in. Roli says he is so dangerous. Aditi says he won’t be able to see me. nothing will happen to me. she goes in, roli says save her God.
Khushi is in his corridor and says why roli went to her room at 9. There is something going on and I have to figure out. She goes to roli’s room and sees don’t disturb tag there. The door is locked

from inside. Khushi says roli you can’t escape this time.
khushi says to the receptionist I wanna talk to your manager. khushi says my sister in law is in her room. she is not well. I forgot my medicines in her room. He says we can’t provide you the keys and miss roli bharadwaj specially called us that she shouldn’t be disturbed.

Aditi sneaks in. She sees karthik waiting for someone. She wonders whom is he waiting for. he is sitting with the same box. A car comes and stop by there. A lady goes in with a briefcase. Roli wonders whom can she be ? karthik opens the door. the lady comes in. She says hi I am Natasha. Aditi wonders whats in the suitcase. Natasha steps in and sees the box. Karthik says I was waiting doe you ? Would you like some drink ? She nods. karthik serves her the drink. he drops the drink on her dress, deliberately. he says washroom is on that side. She goes to the washroom. karthik follows her.

There Vikran asks sanju what will you like ? She says so many things. she says I will share it with chachu. baa asks simar to order. she is in deep thought. Baa asks what are you thinking ? are you thinking about karthik ? he takes care of all of us. We have to find him someone who can take car of him. Vikran says lets order first we will talk about this later.
Simar say in heart I have to call roli and ask whats going on there. Simar says I am going to washroom.

There at the hotel manager leaves the reception. The receptionist is sleepy as well. Khushi sees the keys hanging behind her. she says roli I am going to catch you soon. She steps forward and tries to get the keys. She goes from the other side and plucks roli’s rooms keys. She is leaving. receptionist wakes up and says do you want something ma’am ? she says no I went to chemist to buy my medicines. She leaves.

Khushi goes in roli’s room. Khushi after such hardwork i found that you’re not here? Let me call surbhi here. She’ll be the witness.

Simar calls roli from reception. She asks whats going on? Roli says a girl came here? She and karthik are in. Simar asks where is aditi ? Roli says aditi is inside. Suddenly the house black outs. They hear someone screaming. Roli says i think aditi is in trouble. Let me go in. Roli goes in. Aditi is so tensed. She says that girl.. Roli says let me go in with you. They go inside the house. No one’s there. Light turns on both karthik and girl are unconscious.

no precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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