Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 17th July 2013 Written Update

Veeru wants to confirm that Simar is dead. Jhumki gets worried as Veeru is about to touch Simar’s body. She stops him before that and says if you touch her, then your finger prints will be on her body and you will put yourself in trouble. Veeru is impressed seeing such smartness in Jhumki. Jhumki asks him to let Bantu go now. Veeru tells Khushi to leave Bantu. Veeru sees a rock on the floor and she throws it on Simar and Simar moves. Veeru pulls Bantu back and takes out his gun. He tells Jhumki, I told you don’t act smart.. but you did mistake and now you will get punishment for it. No one from you three will go alive from here. He points gun at Jhumki, but Jhumki says why are you doing this Khushi? Veeru turns back and Jhumki snatches the gun from Veeru and now she points at him.

She says, I have handled many like you.. what did you think I will get scared seeing gun? Did you forget I am not that kind of girl.. I am Jhumki from Laxmanpur. Veeru laughs and asks her to shoot him. Jhumki pulls the trigger and there is no bullet inside. Veeru says it’s fake gun and he takes out real gun now.
He says, I thought I wouldn’t need to use gun but now you all three will die.. starting with Bantu. He turns back, but Khushi has left from there with Bantu. Veeru runs after her. Simar and Jhumki run after him to try to stop him. Veeru pushes them and Simar falls on the stairs. Veeru runs away. Simar tells Jhumki to stop Veeru. Veeru is angry at Khushi as she betrayed him. He catches them. Khushi asks him to let Bantu go, but Veeru doesn’t listen and slap her. Khushi still tries to stop him and Veeru pushes her hard and leaves with Bantu. Khushi struggles to walk but still tries to go after Veeru to save Bantu. Jhumki comes to Khushi and is very worried. Khushi tells her not to worry as she called police. Jhumki is happy knowing Khushi cares about Bantu. Khushi says I didn’t want to kill anyone.. it was all Veeru’s plan. I just care about my money. Khushi tells Jhumki to find Bantu first and then ask any question. Jhumki goes in search of Bantu.

Simar is struggling to get up from the stairs. She decides to call Prem, but there is no network. She is worried for Bantu and Jhumki. She manages to get up now.

Jhumki cannot find Bantu and right then she hears Bantu’s voice. She turns back and sees him and calls him for a hug. Bantu runs to her. Jhumki smiles, but her smile disappears when she sees Veeru behind Bantu with gun. She asks Veeru not to fire a bullet, but Veeru doesn’t listen and pulls the trigger. Jhumki runs and pulls Bantu on last moment and bullet doesn’t hit anyone. Veeru points gun at them and another bullet gets fired, but this time it hits to Veeru. Veeru turns back and finds police behind him. Jhumki remembers Khushi’s words that she called police. Police arrest Veeru and leave.

Bantu asks about Simar. Jhumki realizes that Simar is in problem. They run inside haveli. Simar says it’s too late must be waiting and she has to reach mandir as soon as possible. Simar is leaving the haveli, but hears noises. She stops. Real Roli is throwing stuff around. Simar says but no one lives here… she doesn’t go to check as she has to find Jhumki and Bantu first. When she’s about to leave, she sees a man coming in. She hides and wonders who can come here when no one lives here. The man goes to the room where Roli is and Simar quietly goes there as well. Simar says it would be risky to go inside so she decides to look in the room from a window. It’s very dark and she manages to see. She says, it looks like a girl.. it seems like someone has locked her here.. but why and who she can be?

Precap: Simar goes to Roli and says, we don’t have much time. That man can be coming here anytime. Roli says, I know…. simar didi. Simar asks, what did you say? and puts light on her face. She gets surprised when she sees Roli’s face. Roli smiles looking at Simar.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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