Sasural Simar Ka 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar is shocked to see roli. He says God has to help us.

doctor tells prem there is no improvement in simar’s condition. Prem says there must be a way. Doctor says she doesn’t take medicines. she doesn’t want to get well. anyway we are trying our best. you should pray for her as well. Prem sits with simar and says why are you doing this? Everyone is house is waiting for you. they are lonely without you. I can’t live without you. Please don’t do this at least for me. doctor comes and says its her rest time. Prem says please rest, i will come later. He leaves in tears. Simar is in tears as well.

Amar says roli? she doesn’t listen. He says shurti? she still doesn’t respond. amar says why is she not responding me? he says roli look at me

i am amar. pandit ji says she has been sitting here since two months. she doesn’t say or listen anything. she keeps staring at mata rani. like she is asking justice from her. Amar says God has sent me to get her justice. amar takes her out.

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prem recalls what simar’s doctor said. suddenly he sees shurti with amar. he says i will kill her today. he follos amar’s car.

Simar gets up, she is crying. SHe recalls prem telling her amar is alive. she says at least i heard one good news. SHe hugs her family photo. simar says he is the only one who can help me.i have to tell him that i am fine.
Fake roli comes with food for simar.
Simar says go from here. fake roli says from hospital or your life? Simar says from our lives. fake roli says you still believe? simar says and believe can change everything. Fake roli says i have done what i wanted to and whats left will be done tomorrow on maha shivratri. It took so long to get sid’s trust. tomorrow my relation with him will be so strong that no one will be able to break us apart. She leaves. simar says what is she about to do?

amar brings roli to calendar’s house. calendar says i am bringing food for you both. amar says you have changed a lot. we will need sweets too. amar tells what else he would like to eat. prem comes in. he says what is she doing with you? i will kill her today, amar hits him a little and he faints. calendar says what you did?
amar says calendar you are forgetting that i am a doctor i know how to faint someone without hurting them.

sid calls prem but he doesn’t pick up. Roli says he knows that we go out of city for pooja. I think he need some time alone we shouldn’t force him. Rajhinder says she is right. Rajhinder says you two should come with us as well. roli says we can’t leave mata ji and sattu ji alone. sujata says yes please take care of them. they all leave for pooja. Fake roli looks at the red door and says that moment is here, my mission is about to complete tomorrow.

precap-the red door opens, fake roli goes in wearing white.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. huh so now dat dance sequence is not today…………
    as expected……..they gona drag it for two more daz i gues

    1. Ure right…fake roli dancing thandav in frond of the shiv idol for getting sid has been aired 2 days back in youtube.when will these silly ppl show it.

  2. what a rubbish story……

  3. dragginggggg

  4. This story seemed to be very interesting and thrilling in d beginning…but they dragged it to 2 months….this is DISGUSTING!!! For gods sake pls put an end to this drama

  5. I thought today she will say the secret behind tat red door

  6. next episodes prem came to know dat about nagin and simar mental nahi hai she is doing actng to family ko bachane ke liye.. prem and amar on a mission to faki roli ke sach laane ke liye…. its good to see prem ko sach pata chal gaya…

  7. Just dragingggggggg. Tells that will show today but showing tommorow. Is she really goin to do tandav in front of shiv idol? Youtube is showing all dis but u r not showing. What a nonsense.

  8. Dont make viewers fools…plz 4 God’s sake stop showing this stupid drama….

  9. What is this serial showing in actual. Jab se simar has entered into the bharadwaj house as bahu everything is going worse for both.first she was not understood by prem then it went well.then she had to gain trust from family then she got it.she became pregnant ,got aborted in such a way that she won’t be able to conceive at all.then surrogacy torture…she has to sacrifice two years for roli then came back then she had to prove sunaina s story then sunaina entered into her body then exorcism then sunainas husband love then kid napping her to marry him.then prem rescuing and remarry her then all went well suddenly rolis accident then fake roli then her drama.the husbands in this show never trust their wives and can’t identify them and says that they will die for them.this sid can’t identify his roli.the fake roli who came is more fair much slim than his real roli. Still he couldn’ simar is in mental hospital. What more to expect

    1. i will agree with u haya

  10. i thought that she have mental now i am seeing she is acting. i don’t understand the fake roli what will do?she wear white dress can tell me anyone

  11. I think she must hav hipnotized sid tats y he couldn’t find his roli tat hospital seen na after sugery they opned her face and directly they shown her entry in bharatwaaj hse

  12. Chuck this FAKE ROLI OUTT

  13. simar has shown all her angles.. only her mad angle is left over… writers discover any new angles so dat simar cam prove herself in all characters bfore show end up!!!!

  14. Best Hindi drama thanks

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