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Sasural Simar Ka 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali brings breakfast in room. Vikram says why you brought it here? She says we are getting late. Anjali says after what happened I fear facing Tai ji. Please can we breakfast here? He says okay. Anjali says thank you. She says lets have it then.
Saroj asks where is vikram? Taoji says what you do expect? Agarwal says I saw anjali taking breakfast. Tao ji says what can we expect after what Saroj did. Saroj says one day you will know the truth that it was not my mistake. Truth can’t be hidden for a long time. She leaves the table.

Simar says to mataji Anjali is so lucky that she has Vikram. I hope Shardha gets similar in laws and husbands for her daughters. Vikram comes downstairs. He ignores tai ji. Tai ji says Vikram look in my eyes can you believe i can do

that? Vikram says what can I say? You accepted it yourself. Saroj says sometimes you have to bow down to save relations You know me can you imagine me doing that? Vikram says I have forgotten that. You should too.

Roshni is looking for Piyush. Kb says he is in Vadhai’s room. Go check. You are so innocent. Roshni says I am going. KB says you use your brain. Don’t go there. Make an issue out of it. Just do as I say. They come to hall. Prem says where is Piyush? KB says I saw him going to Vadhai’s room last night. Roshni says yes I did too. Simar says what are you trying to say? KB says everyone can understand. Simar says shut up. He must have gone there for some work and would have slept in his room. Jhanvi says he is not his room. Prem calls Piyush and asks where are you? He wakes up next to Vadahi.
Piyush says to Vadadhi is dozed off here. Vadahi says your phone is ringing. Prem asks where are you? He says I am out. Vadhai says why did you lie? Piyush says he won’t like if he got to know.
KB says and where is vadhai? Simar says she is in her room in the outhouse. Roshni says what you are trying to say we will prove you wrong. Lets go there and check.
They all come to vadahi’s room. Vadahi opens the door. Simar says you all here? simar says we have to prove someone wrong. Kb comes in. Simr says did you see KB piyush isn’t here. Piyush comes out of washroom. He sees everyone and is dazed. Everyone is shocked. Piyush says what happened ma? Simar says ma you all here? Simar says you were here all night? He says yes I dozed off here. KB says then you lied to prem? And that towel. and the mess in room. Can’t you all imagine what happened here all night? Mataji says shut up. Piyush says shut up KB nothing like that happened here. KB says why all you have eyes closed. This all can’t be ignored. If people get to know about this our name would be ruined. This girl doesn’t care because she doesn’t have a family. Piyush says shut up Kb. Prem says keep quite Piyush. Roshni says Vadahi can afford a new house. Why is she living here then? Simar says because I want. I never expected this from you. Just like you are living here as my daughter. She is living here as my daughter. How would you feel if someone accused you like you are accusing her? Roshni says you are scolding me because of her. Simar says yes. Because you are wrong. KB says yes she is pure and we are all. Prem says enough Khushi. Mataji says we all trust Piyush and Vadahi completely and I want Vadahi to live in this house with complete dignity. Kb says but.. Prem says shut up Khsuhi. Didn’t you listen what Mataji said? Stop accusing. They all leave. Piyush says to KB if after today you say a word accusing Vadahi. I would be at my worst. KB says you.. Simar holds her finger down and says I understand what you want to do. You ruined Anjali’s life and now you want to do same with Piyush. Listen one thing, don’t dare doing anything to my kids. KB leaves. Vadhai is crying. Mataji says to Piyush go to her she needs you. Piyush says Vadahi please open the door. He knocks but Vadahi doesn’t listen.

Anjali goes to meet her coordinator. He says we need to shoot your portfolio. We can do it today if you have no issues. He says I am fine sir. He says just call me atul. I will calls the team.
Roshni is crying in her room. Kb comes to her and says what happened with you was wrong. i know you are hurt. This simar really loves Vadhai. She doesn’t care if its you or Anjali. Piyush loves Vadhai.

Precap-Anjali gets her photoshoot done. Vikram asks Saroj didn’t anjali come? saroj says I thought she would come with you. He says I dropped her then went home. Tao ji says call her don’t worry. They see Anajli hugs atul and says thank you so much. She is wearing a short.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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