Sasural Simar Ka 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roshni tells Simar everything. Simar says nothing will happen I am coming there.
Rohan says sir my tests are negative as well. Trust me now. Anjali says I do not do drugs. Inspector says you gave her drugs? Rohan says tell them truth. Anjali stands up. She looks at Rohan and feels like its Arjun. Rohan says say something. Anjali says don’t touch me. You will take me to the room? You will make me heroin? Rohan says are you mad? Inspector says what will you say now? Rohan says she thinks I am someone else.

Prem says to Khushi where is Anjali? She asked you before leaving. Khushi says she is at a friend’s place. Go sleep I will let you know when she comes back home. Prem sees in news about the police raid. The reporter says some youngsters have been found from

hotel room. They see Anjali in the news. Prem says you saw? These are her friends. This is all because of you. You can’t understand how a father feels when he hears this kind of news about his daughter. Khushi says this isn’t my mistake. Anjali is your daughter not mine. What she has become is all your mistake and your ex wife. Your wife left her not I. I took her responsibility. Prem says my daughter is my responsibility. I am going to bring her and I don’t want you around her anymore.

Rohan says please listen to me. Constable says don’t argue much. He is about to hit him with a rod, Simar holds it. Simar says you can’t hit anyone without any reason. They are from a good family. I brought them up and I am sure about it. Inspector says he took a girl to room and drugged her. Simar says do you have any proofs? Simar says on Mr. Kapoor talk to him. Sumit says release him his tests are negative. Inspector says I am leaving him. No problem at all.
Anjali is behind bars. She says where are you going? You did so bad with me. Simar says its the same girl. Piyush says yes. Because of her we are here. Lets go. Simar says to inspector can we take her with us as well? He says we can only handover her to her parents. Simar says I am her mother. They take her out. Inspector says do you know her? Is she your mom? Anjali says mom? I would have broken her face if she was. My mom is dead. I hate mom. They take her back in cell. Inspector says you saw how ill-mannered is she. Simr says you don’t know what would have happened to her that is this way now. Anjali says I want water.

Prem is on his way. He says I hate you Simar. Anjali is this way because of you.
Simar and kids are going out. Piyush says I am so lucky I have a mom like you. Rohan says she is our mom too. Piyush says why you lied for that stupid girl. She doesn’t deserve your favor. Simar says you can’t anything before knowing her. Its too late lets go home. Piyush says I forgot car at the club. Wait I will arrange a cab. Prem comes there to pick Anjali. Piyush walks past him. Prem walks in he says my daughter is inside I am here to pick her. They announce Anjali Bharadwaj bring her. Her dad is here to pick her up, Prem Bharadwaj. Simar is dazed. SHe says Prem ji.
Prem sees Anjali coming out of the cell. Simar goes back in. Inspector says next time.. Prem says there won’t be a next time. Simar sees Anjali and is dazed and in tears. Simar recalls everything. She says my Anjali in this condition?
Prem says lets go home. Simar says you call the house a home? she laughs. Prem says shut up Anjali. Not a single more word. How much will you get your dad insulted more? Anjali says you are dad just by name. She sits on the bench and says I won’t go home. Simar says I ahev to talk to them. Rohan comes and says choti maa are you crying? What happened? you are crying because of this girl. Her dad is here as well. Why are you worried then? sImar says in heart how do I tell him what I feel. my daughter is in front of me and I can’t even talk to her. Rohan says are you okay? Simar says yes. Rohan takes her.
Anjali says what have you done for me? I don’t wanna go with you Mr. Bharadwaj. Prem says if you wanna come then do, or I will leave you here and you will live in the lock up. Anjali stands up. She can’t walk. Prem gives her support.

Simar recalls everything. She says how did this happen. My daughter she hates me so much? I ruined my daughter’s life for my son’s future. How could I do this. But she had Prem ji ma papa Mataji why she lost her way then? I gave them her responsibility? How did this happen? Is my family all shattered? Please don’t let that happen.

Precap-Anjali says to Simar who are you? Simar says I am your.. Khushi says don’t dare touching. Simar says how are you talking to me I am her mother. Anjali says my mother died the day she left me. Anjali shoves Simar out of the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Can’t wait to return home to watch these episodes. So many leaps! So many changes in the show I really wanna watch it!

  2. Finally supernatural secenes gone n family drama entered, by the way were is sanjana why only anjali….???

  3. What a dare condition for a such a loving mother?

  4. How come this idiotic prem blame simar blindly?? It’s him who stopped simar from taking Anjali and sanju with her. Anjali is not supposed to hate her mother instead she has to hate her whole family as they deprived her of her mom’s love. And prem you deserve this insult from everyone as you chased simar out of your house because of your no good family

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