Sasural Simar Ka 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
flashback: Mohini says its upto to you people now. Bring anjali and sanju, if you dont do that then, maa bring that sid’s pot. I will break it and sid’s life will end with it. That is why you should do as i ask. Mata ji says you can punish me but please don’t harm the kids, please let them go.
Mohini says if you do as i ask, i will bring sid and roli back someday. You are so stubborn people. So okay, sid no one needs you here. Mata ji says stop please don’t do this. She says jhanvi go bring sanju and anjali. We dont have another option.
Amar says but mata ji? Mata ji says we dont have an option, this is what we have to do to save our family but trust God I am sure there will be a good outcome of this all. Promise me this faamily will live together.

You have to stay united until our simar is back, i am sure she will come back one day.

Mata ji says I am sure our simar will be back. Mohini says are you out of your mind? I have killed your simar? Mata ji says the day simar stops breathing my breaths will stop as well. My simar is alive and she will come back. Though its our bad days, keep doing this to us, they day simar comes back, your end will start. This is my promise to you. Mohini says wow Nirmala devi what a lecture. Jhanvi comes in with sanju and anjali. Mohini says the princesses are here? Come come. Now mata ji take the kids and come to the side. and all of you go out. Sujata says no please. Sujata says please leave these innocent kids mohini. Mohini says all of you go out, they all go out in tears. Mohini says amar darling you get lost too.

Now: Amar says after the door closed, we never saw sanju anjali and mata ji again. 5 minutes later door opened, but mohini alone came out.
Flashback: Sujata says where are they mohini? Mohini says i told you everything and stop peeking in. Now you all should do what I ask you. I and amar will pretend to be husband and wife till I accomplish my mission. And amar you have to mock an accident that shows that simar and mata ji died in that accident. Prem and sid on business trip. And Roli went to her mom’s place. If any of you try to act smart, i will break all the pots.

Mohini If you do something i will break all the pots and go to that place and kill prem.
Now: Amar says to simar i saw my family so helpless that day. We have to find prem in order to know her secret. I have been looking for a way to get those pots. I took one of them but i don’t know how to take mata ji out of it. Simar says when all doors are close and we feel like God is angry, even then there is a way. We have to look for that way and find a solution. Amar says what way? She tells him some plan.

Precap-Mohini says i know simar very well, her family is in trouble. She will come for sure. Mohini stops the servant and says you cover your face let me see it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. awesomely fast update………..thank u…………sure tat its not simar

  2. mohini v/s simar: battle between good and evil continue in ssk :
    in article given all what happen in flashback.. that we see today in episode. remaing in article matter i am writing here…
    mohini doubts on the woman with her gunghat on her face and stop the maid. she suspects its simar and ask her to show her face. amar saves simar and mohini sees some other woman. she gets releaved and tells the maid that she will sacrifice sanjana. simar hears it and gets shocked. what will simar do now??keep reading.

  3. in sbs segment it shows simar comes to mohini room and asks her to she also wants to know kalajadhu… and mohini tells her she is going to sacrifice sanjana . and to test her she(simar) have to kill sanjana.. what will simar do now?? we have to see.. how she saves sanju and family… we will see from tomorrow…

  4. in precap…she is not simar.. yes amar saves simar instead her some other person is there.. after that simar enters…

  5. actually episode starts with mohini comes down with pot in which sid is there and tells family he is in that.. then if they wants sid roli have to follow her.. roli follows mohini to till her room.. and after that mohini cloe the door and she starts chanting mantras lights blows off and every one scared.. after she opens door and everyone will come her room and all saw two pots one is sid and other roli… then the today written update starts..
    they missed to write this so i wrote….

  6. where the hell is prem

  7. she will se simar or somebody else

    mohini neds to spell the mantra and every body are out of pots

  8. i am getting doubht is really the persons are in the pot or she is lieing to them… really they are inside the part… i think she is lieing… want to see rosid soon,.. when they will return to ssk.. missing mataji,prem,roli,sid, anjali, and sanjana.. bring them back… want to see them in ssk soon.. please bring back rosid soon…

  9. is the lady simar or another? why sujatha tells in precap simar.. when mohini opens her veil??? is she simar/

  10. Nowadays this track is goes to interesting awesome simar. We want Roli back.

  11. first time today i saw khushi is crying for family.. i saw tears in her eyes today….

  12. I hope tat simar wins lyk as usual..cant wait to see da fly getin once agan back 🙂

  13. this week we will get to see sanju back… hope that all back to ssk soon…
    there is no shooting for ssk avika is doing her movie success meet and in she is in hyderabad from last few days… hope we will see roli soon in ssk… missing her..

  14. week spoilers of ssk:
    17aug: mohini tells everyone that she traped sid’s soul in a pot. mohini challenges roli to prove her wrong. roli quitely follows her to find out what she is up to.
    18aug: at the dining table, sunanda demands for non-vegeteriyan food.mohini taunts her and tells her that she makes neither a good dayan nor a good mother.
    19aug; simar is shoched when she find out that she must offer up a human sacrifice in order to learn the dark arts. she is later tolds that sanjana must be the sacrifice.
    20aug: amar tries to convince the inspector to accompany him to bw house. during the ritual, mohini commands a disguised simar to kill sanjana. simar prays matarani for strength.
    21aug: simar picks up the sword, the police entered the place. mohini and sunanda are apprehended with special handcuffs. sanjana wakes up her dream state and hugs simar.
    22aug: mohini and sunanda are visibly uncomfortable when they are put in cellwhich has matarani picture in it. simar pays them a visit and puts forward her conditions to them.

  15. a saw photo which simar and sanju upcoming scene.. simar saves sanju ….. from mohini try to give bali on kali amavasya.. sanju back in ssk..

  16. i read in if that adaa playing naagin… this show apprently replace ssk… is ssk going to end??

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