Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Simar says no this is not possible. Maya says you have to agree, rajveer removed your memory and instilled that story in your mind what you told to cops. roli says after that rajveer and girjesh left with body and maya and i shoved the van. maya says we were both bound by our love, sid. We wanted to save sid and see him alive anyhow and that is why we did all this. amar says rajveer made him like that? Maya says yes he deceived us both, he made sid alive and made him his slave. sid can’t understand what we say, he just listens to rajveer, he is like a living dead body. His mind is not in his control. roli says this is all not easy but i was satisfied that he is alive somewhere. this is why i didn’t let anyone put garland on sid’s picture. i came here on sid’s

birthday and begged rajveer to return sid to me. He said he will kill sid if i tell anyone about him. simar says to rajveer took your snake-liness and made you his slave, he made sid alive but made his slave as well. what he wants to do?

Rajveer says to a woman, mom i will take revenge from bharadwaj house. simar says maybe the reason behind all this is something else. Rajveer touches the lying person and says maa do rest i will come back again. maya says maybe he is an old enemy of yours. simar says we don’t even recognize him. mata ji comes there and says maya is right simar. he is our enemy. simar says mata ji you are here? Mata ji says rajveer told me he is my enemy and he will seek revenge from us. i don’t know where have i seen him? She looks at sid and gets shocked. mata ji says what is this? sid is alive? she sits by his side in tears. mata ji says i think this is the goodwill that brought me here. i couldn’t stop myself. I found my sid here. amar says we saw the truth finally, we have no other option to face rajveer. maya says we can’t do that until he has that snakeliness and he shouldn’t know that you all know about him or sid’s life will be in danger. Mata ji says in heart on one side is roli who pretended to save sid and simar who risked her wedding. mata ji asks maya how can we get it? Maya says he must have kept it at some safe place. simar says let it go as it is. tell no one that we know about it. we will try to find who he is and what he wants. and maya you try to find the snake-liness. calendar says but when sid get conscious he will tell rajveer everything. They hear someone coming. calendar says let me check. he peeks out rajveer is coming towards home. He tells everyone that rajveer is coming.

Mausi ji comes out of bharadwaj house and says after a long time I will meet my family. My sister will be so happy to see me back.

All of them are hidden in dark room.
rajveer comes and starts looking for sid, he says where are you aryan? i your master rajveer singh commands you to come here. aryan doesn’t come. rajveer says where can he be? He listens to me every time. simar, roli, mata ji, amar and calendar are hidden in a room. they recalls calendar said we can’t go out, lets hide in this house.
he starts calling out maya’s name. Girjesh starts looking for them everywhere. maya and sid come to rajveer. Rajveer asks where were you both? i am asking you something. why did you come from window? this means that you went outside that house. aryan says the girl you asked me to kill went outside the house i chased her down to the jungle and killed her there. No one will know about her dead body.

Simar says she has been harming us with her hypnotizing power and today she saved us with same power. she removed sid’s memory and instilled new story in his mind. the same maya who wanted to ruin our lives is protecting us now.

Precap-rajveer slaps maya on face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. actualy rajveer sends sid to bw house to kill prem.. but in segmnt dey sayng maya sending him to take revenge… maya is helpng dem den how she send sid to kill prem… ? who is using sid maya or rajveer? segmnts articles confusing us.. because in yestday article gave dat maya save sid and he return bw has his original look. but in segmnt saying he came bw house to kill prem.. which is correct

    1. rajveer get to know..the truth..about maya,that is helping punish her(sid will do cutting her hand)…and then he order maya to do so if not sid will kill himself so he make to do that…so she do as per his wish .she tell sid to kill prem…

      1. in dat sid said which chit paper me kiska naam ayega sid have to kill dat person.. first name prem so he try to harm him..

      2. really sid cuts maya hand.its really horrible

  3. Ok episode jus want rosid reunited soon wonder if maya is actually a positive person or is she acting ……

  4. Now maya is in positive character

  5. in tomorow precap rajveer slaps maya…

  6. Todays nice episode guys i have a doubt if some episodes are missed it takes one day to watch in youtube….is there are other site to watch tat day episode in tat days itself????

    1. u can see in desi tashan or apne tv and dailymotion links

    2. desitvbox

  7. upcoming twist maya revelead.. dat she helpng dem.. she realized after dat she want to roli hi sid ki patni rahe and after leap jo kuch ho raha hai use maya teek karna chahatha hai… and maya told dat sid kop bw houseme jaaane ki planing kar raha hai.. she wants to do somthng to stop and tel simar but she cant do anythng she told the new twist in ssk upcoming… by this news really she want to sid to roli only.. jo paap usne kiya uska prayashith karna chahatha hai vo sabkuch teek karke…

  8. Thanq s and siddhu

  9. The main reason Prem angry on simar is because he thought Sid died due to simar….but it is said tat Sid will come to bw house on seeing him alive still y Prem is angry on simar

  10. Wen maya has lost her powers ……how come she still hypnotiz?????
    Why is tht rajveer still left roli nd maya alive even aftr slaving sid… he havin areason behind it or wats de purpose of him to keep these two alive…..

  11. Rajveer is really mausijis son?
    Wat rubbish…hypnotising and creating new story in their mind….

    1. yes they r making us big that meghna epi they created one mirror in hall.the whole bw family can c rosim.but rosim cant c bw family.they r creating such a stupid drama which does not possible in real life

  12. Rajveer is taking someones blessing who is bedridden it seems….

  13. By rajveer slaps maya as she has told siamr amar n calender truth but still hate maya confused ….kasim

  14. Maya ka findout nagmanai to help bhadwraj family to save sid life unite the simar and roli life but et story will between aryan ,rajveer and maya

  15. Wat u mean kavya shree? I dint get u

  16. This ssk writers always turn negative characters into positive and make them part of BW family.. Now it’s Maya’s turn.. She too is being shown as positive character now and will stay for ever.. Same stories same routine.. Getting bored of this.. One after other every positive wil turn negative too I think.. At last writers will make sanju and anjali main villains and create twists.. Stop this foolish story line and show something interesting for the viewers. Unite rosid and premar and make them live happily atleast for a month.. No family in this universe will suffer like this cvs.. Try to understand and live in present century

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