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Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar enters the house. Everyone is dazed. Amar and Jhanvi are smiling. Mataji wakes up. Anjali says how dare you enter this house again. Simar says Anjali daughter.. Anjali says I am not your daughter. Who allowed you to come here? Simar says court. No one can keep me away from you or this house. Anjali says I will kick you out. This is my house. She touches Simar’s luggage. The court’s person says no one can ask simar to leave this house. Mr. Prem didn’t you tell her the orders? Anjali says what orders? The person says that Simar will live in this house and in your room. Anjali says I don’t follow any orders. The person says if you don’t agree to legal orders. We will have to arrest you. Anjali says fine arrest me, but she won’t live here.

I will you out. Prem says Anjali stop. It hurts me more, we have to tolerate her here. But I promise you this is for few days. Once final orders are announced. She will go far away from this house and our lives. Don’t be happy Simar you won today, but tomorrow is mine, I wont let you live in this house. Don’t ever think this is your house, you are a guest here. Amar says Prem what are you saying. Prem says this woman is a guest here. She will be treated here like a guest. Mataji comes out and says Simar you came.. She hugs Simar. Mataji says I waited so long. Don’t go anywhere now. Mataji hugs her and says I feel so good now. Khushi says to Uma how she came out. Uma says I locked the door I don’t know how. Mataji says what are you all seeing? You all used to call me mad.. I am not mad. I believed my God. I knew my Simar would come back. Mataji says lets go Simar do the pooja. The court person says Simar you can’t enter the temple. Amar says what kind of order is this. Mataji says this is my Simar, this is her house. This house temple everything is incomplete without her. The person says law is law. Mataji says no rules or laws are greater than God.
Pari and Uma say mataji lets go to your room. You have to rest her. Mataji says I won’t go. Pari and Uma drag her to the room.

The person says Simar ji there are the rules you have to follow. You will live in Anjali’s room. You won’t be allowed to go in any other room, temple or kitchen, Simar will eat what is made in the house. She can ask for what she wants to eat. Khushi says yeah yeah this is a hotel. The person says you can go to living room, dining room and corridor apart from Anajli’s room. Except for Anjali’s matter you don’t have a say in other matters of the house.
These are the rules for Anjali. Any order or suggestion by Simar will have to be abide by Anjali. Anjali will take Simar everywhere. Simar will drop and pick her from college. Anjali has to ask for Simar’s permission before going anywhere. Simar has right to decide things for Anjali. Anjaali says what joke is this. The person says this is the order of the court. anjali says disgusting. this is all because of you.

Simar takes her luggage in Anjali’s room. Simar looks at the photos she is no where. Simar says I thought I left the house, but they kicked me out of their memories too.

Scene 2
Piyush says maa please bring food I am really hungry. Rita says she is not here anymore. Rita says court passed a weird order. They gave her one child and took other from her. I am surprised she left you here. What will you do here alone. Sumit says rita piyush is not alone, This is his house as well. He can do whatever he wants here. Roshni says exactly. Sumit says Piyush I wanted to talk to you. you should join my company. I not saying this because you are Piyush. I have been looking for a sales manager. You are perfect for this post. Will you? Roshni says of course he will. Rohan says what are you thinking? Sumit says let his decide. There is no hurry. Decide yourself. I need you.
Simar calls Piyush and asks how are you? She says your voice is heavy. Piyush says I am good. Everyone is here with me. How will you live there alone? Simar says they are all my people. don’t worry for me.

Anjali is talking on call simar comes in her room. Anajli says you don’t over hear someone. Simar says I am listening in front of you. Simar says its too late sleep. Anjali says i will not sleep according to you. Simr says you know when you were young you used to listen lullaby. Anjali says you won’t sleep on my bed. You will sleep on the mattress on the floor. Simar says you used to tease me a lot when you were young. Anjali says still you left me? Simar says that is why I am back. Anajli says its too late. I don’t need you and you can’t control my life I will do whatever i want. Simar says I will decide what you do.
Anajli turns on the music and starts dancing. Simar says what are you doing. Anjali says now you will complain about this too in the court? Simar puts cotton in her ears. Simar says carry on I will sleep here. Anjali sleeps as well Simar smiles.

Precap-Simar says Jhanvi bhabhi.. someone bring water please. Pari and Khushi are laughing. Simar drinks water. She sees it was prem. Simar says thank you. Prem says I would do it for anyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Nice epi…. Love to watch how prem simar reunite

  3. Hi guys… I am seeing this serial after a long time. Can anyone tell me why did simar leave prem and his family with Piyush? And where is Sanju? I m seeing only Anjali????

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