Sasural Simar Ka 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 16th October 2013 Written Update

scene 1
Roli finds the managal suttar, she is taken aback. She remembers how janvi was rude to her and how she was hiding this dupatta from her. She syas how can janvi do this how can she marry without telling anyone. She is going to simar to tell her.

Scene 2
Janvi is in hospital she sees attul there she asks where is shaureya? She says he is not receiving my call please ask him to talk to me. He says control yourself, she says how can i make him meet me. He says it better for you to forgive him. He says and don’t annoy me nothing is in my hand.

Scene 3
Roli goes to simar’s room. Simar asks her what wrong why is she so scared and worried? She is about to tell when they hear pari screaming mata ji, they both go down. Mata ji asks what wrong?

Pari says mummy ji is no opening the door. She is not saying anything. Mata ji don’t worry we will see it. They all go upstairs outside his room. They are all knocking her door and asking her to open the door. Simar says there must be something wrong we should open this door. Pari starts crying. Simar and roli are hitting the door when Prem comes in simar tells him that achna has locked herself inside. He is about to hit the door when achna says you all leave me alone. Pari says open the door, simar says that we will find out the solution of whatever is wrong. Achna opens the door, she is crying pari asks her why is he crying? She syas novbody needs me pari i am like tissue paper everyone uses me. Pari akss who said this? She says your brother. My son said there is no place in his house for me. I am so unlucky. We have 4 flats and 2 ban-glows but all on his name. I should not have trusted him. Now you mom has no home where will i go i am all alone in this world.

Scene 4
Attul says that janvi was really so sad. She was looking broken up. Sahureya says that’s all i wanted. I wanted her to break. She has to cry. She will regret coming in my way. Mistake of a moment and punish of whole life. Attul says i have to go. He leaves.
Meghan asks attul is shaureya over that janvi or not? Sttul says no madam and leaves. Meghna says i know my brother so well he can’t conceal anything form me.

Scene 5
Achna is crying and says the daughter in law like my pari are so rare. pari says mamma don’t worry you will live here with me. This startles everyone. Peri says to mata ji that rest of my family is in village to see some relative until they don’t come back can my mamma live here? Mata ji allows achna to stay here. she says thanks to her. Achna and pari makes fun of all of them when thney leave. Pari is so happy.

Scene 6
Mausi ji says that her daughter in law is more intelligent than mata ji. She will eemolish this house. Its all crocodile tears. Mata ji says she was so worried don’t says like that.

Scene 7
Roli is again about to tell simar when sujata comes in and says that take the saaris to dry clean. Sim ar gets it that she wanna talk about janvi.
Janvi comes home. Sujata asks why is she back earlier? She says i was not feeling well.
Janvi goes to her room, she is crying she remembers what her mate said and how attul asks her to forget him. she is crying really hard. She says shaureya can’t do this. He is just angry with me i will make him agree.

Scene 8
Meghna is in shaureya’s room who is in washroom. His phone is ringing. She receives the call. Its janvi, she sys please don’t disconnect the call why are you doing this to me. I am your janvi. Why are you neglecting our relation talk to me please. Simar enters in her room.

Precap-Simar goes to shuareya’s home and is shouting. Sahureya says you better ask janvi and aks her if she miss my arms.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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