Sasural Simar Ka 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vadahi says I will tell Simar aunty everything and won’t let you marry Anjali. Tao ji says Vadahi please stop. Look at my brother he paid for the sin he never did. Vikram lived with his father. I am not taking his side. Revenge never dies, it keeps circulating until it burns everything. I beg you to forgive Vikram. Vikram says how can you beg this girl? Tao ji slaps him and says shut up. You did such a big mistake. You ruined our up bringing. Vikram says she got what she deserved. Saroj says what Vikram did was wrong but telling this to people won’t get anyone anything. Agarwal says wait a minute. He says I apologize on my son’s behalf its in your hands though. You can tell Simar if you still want to no one would harm you this is my promise. My family had been insulted because

of me before. The decision is in your hands you can do whatever you want. Vadahi says okay I won’t tell anyone anything but that doesn’t mean I forgave you. Toa ji says we will never forget your favor. Vadahi leaves. Tao ji says what happened wasn’t good. The ways Simar was open our their daughter. I think we should too.. Agarwal says you are right we can’t hide this from them.

Anjali is calling Vikram but he isn’t picking up. Prem comes in her room. He says may I come in? Anjali says yes dad. Prem says I know I couldn’t be a good father I heard a father is most upset on his daughter’s wedding but I understand it today. Upset is a small word to express how it feels to give your daughter to someone. I feel like someone is taking my heart. I would feel so alone. But yes I am jealous too. The guy you met 4 days before is taking you from me. Anjali smiles. Prem says but I am glad he is Vikram and I am sure he will take care of you, maybe more than me.
I got something for you. prem shows her, her bridal dress. Anjali says dad this is so pretty. Prem makes her wear the dupatta. He says this is my princess. Simar and Piyush are watching from the door as well. Anjali hugs Prem. Simar says I can’t express this feeling. Piyush says she never tied me rakhi but I don’t know why seeing her this way makes me teary as well. Simar gets a call from Saroj. Saroj says apology for calling you so late. I wanted to tell you something. Can I meet you right now? Simar says sure. Saroj says I can’t this on phone? Can I come to your place? simar says yes yes sure. I am waiting for you. Simar wonders what she wants to talk about. Simar says its something big. I hope nothing happens in my daughter’s wedding.
Everyone is waiting for Saroj. Prem says what could this be? At this time? she must have told something. Prem says what if vadahi went there and said something? Piyush says vadahi is not like that.
KB says she stole mangalsutra she can do anything. Simar says don’t accuse her. I am worried for anjali as well. Vadahi won’t do anything. Anjali says if she has done something I won’t forgive you. Mataji says let saroj ji come.
Saroj arrives at Bharadwaj house. Saroj says everyone is here. simar says come in. Mataji says simar bring her juice. saroj says no no nothing. Simar says yes what you wanted to talk about? Is everything okay? Saroj says nothing is okay. There is a problem. I think no one can suggest better than you people? She says my cousin’s daughter got married. The guy is so good but before wedding he made a mistake. He is nice and from a good family. Saroj says we don’t get should we forgive them or not? Whatever he did was because of his family but my sister can’t understand whether she should forgive the guy. Prem says if he had done something for his family then he should be forgiven. This is not a sin. Simar says but what the guy did depends on what mistake he did. If he had ruin someone’s life then he deserves punishment. Prem says but if he did that for his family he should be forgiven. Simar nods.
Saroj says what is your opinion anjali? Anjali says what can I say? We should rather forget what happened in past and move on. Saroj says I feel better. Now I have decided we should forgive that guy. I should leave. We will meet at the weddin.g Simar says was this it? If there is any other thing you can discuss with us? Saroj says no no only I was worried.
KB goes with saroj to see her off. KB says it felt like she was talking about Vikram but she didn’t mention. Everything is working in my favor.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sattu says to pandit ji Anjali will get married where Prem and simar married. KB says I have right to tie the knot. A mother is the one who cares for the baby not the one who leaves her child. What simar should have done I did that. so it is my right to tie her wedding knot. Mataji says how can you KB? KB says Simar has no right to do it. Piyush says Kb she is anjali’s mother. Kb says you mother and son only want right here. Prem says enough. I won’t let this happiness go because your stupid arguements. You can tie the knot. KB says really? Simar says but.. Prem says enough. Khushi will do the knot.

precap-Anjali says the wedding is mine so I will decide who will do my knot? Prem says okay you decide./strong>

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is one of those serials which should have been taken off the air almost a year back. Why is it still being telecast, only GOD knows.

    1. Only because the morons writer wants it shown? The producer and the sponsor should be egged! What bastsrds they are showing this shitty shit!!!

  2. What rubbish is this please take this program off air

  3. Actually i think now a days it is going better than before. There is some misunderstandings only creates a lot of problems. the antoganists are take these for their advantage.

    But, after all this episode was nice to see. I think Anjali will understand Simar soon.

    In reel, the daughter’s(Anjali) marriage is going.
    In real, the father’s(Dheeraj) marriage is going…

    But writers please bring back Sanju snd Sid. They make them understand and they are most wanted to viewers or true fans of SSK like me………
    Please consider our request…………

  4. A request to varun sharma(piyush):
    We are missing you badly in udaan.plz plz plz come back to udaan.ur one of the leads in the show as Adi we want u back

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