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Scene 1
Simar sees the maani. She comes downstairs. They are all waiting for he to speak. Simar shows them the maani. It lightens. prem says what is this? Simar says this is chanadan maani, devika gave it to me so I can keep it safe. If it ever gets in evil hands it will be misused. These evil souls are here for this. Mata ji says simar I am proud of you. the way you have handled all this. I mean not only you have saved us but didn’t let them get this. you saved it. Malti is standing on gate. She says I know these games too. they are all dazed. She comes in. Everyone is scared. Mata ji says how can they come in when sindur was there. Malti recalls some of the sindur was removed with simar’s saari. She says your own cloth cleaned the sindur and I came in.
She says this is

full moon, chandan maani would come out. Give it to me. How did this triumph of two minutes felt like? She laughs. Malti says I am so glad, lets make it double. Give me the maani. Simar says no. never. Siamr recalls what devika said about maani. Simar says you can’t snatch it from me. If you try to take it with force it will lose powers and all you get will be a mere stone.
Malti says give it to me or.. She looks at roli, her waist hurts. Mata ji says what are you doing? Simar runs to roli. Madhvi throws something they all fall down.
Malti says you sister is seeing you and not doing anything, Karuna says this is not more than roli. Give it to them. Malti says you wanna sees her dying? Simar says now see what I do. Simar throws away the maaani. Is shatters in to pieces. Simar picks the pieces. She says my strength is outside me. This is my family. They all hold hands in hands. Simar says mata ji is pillar of our family. She is our base. roli is our hear. Uma and pari are the one who bind us together. and Khushi, she is our happiness. Mata ji says and simar.. our wit and purity. Simar says you can break me but not us.

They all extend their hands. simar says this maani is in pieces and if you find all pieces only then you can use it. If it is one it is everything. Like our family. Now I will show you the power of you our unity. Malti shouts. She and madhvi disappear. Simar says I didn’t know these are so clever. Mata ji says we are all with you. Simar says we should know our opponent completely. Anjali comes. She says sanju is crying. She can’t find her friend. simar says there is another soul choti dulhan but she was looking like she was is trouble. She tried to tell be something but I couldn’t get it. Khushi says I can bring her back. I learned it when I was bad. Mata ji says you should not do it now. Simar says her intention is right. Mata ji says okay. Simar says just tell me what things will you need.

Khuhsi starts the process. they all sit around a circle and place a finger on it. Khushi says none of us will be scared or leave this amid. She says choti dhulan we want to connect to you. Come. we need your help. She repeats it. Lights turn off. Winds start blowing. Their fingers float in air. The fingers stop at no.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk: roli is caught by the evil cheif shaitan in simar’s house. he asks simar to give the chadramani or let her sister die. he disappears roli and simar gets caught. simar called a tantric in her inlaws to save her family from ghosts. the ghosts team up and tantric fails to catch them. mataji gives chandramani to malti, on simar’s aying but things do not get fine.

  2. Ek he family par itni sari musibaten nai ati…ab malti ko vida karo.

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