Sasural Simar Ka 16th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahmaya says to Kamiya better get your focus form Prem to Kaal. Kamiya says I love prem I want him. Mahmaya locks him and says this is the only way to bring you back in your mind frame. Simar says leave her mahmaya, Mahmaya says sorry Kaal but my daughter has fallen in love with a human. It has no room in our world. Simar says Kaal is happy with you. You have served Kaal so much. If being with that human makes you happy then go ahead make him yours. Kamiya says you heard what he said maa. Now if you harm Prem you have no idea what will I do. She says lets go Kaal we have to go to human world now.

Scene 2
Mataji’s funeral is going on. Simar comes there. Everyone is dazed and angry to see her. SImar says mata ji.. Sid says don’t take her name from your tongue.

You killed her. Amar says you have killed mataji. you have become witch now Simar. Simar says in heart what have I done. I can’t live without my mata ji and my family. Please help me God. Amar says in heart if Kamiya sees simar this way she will know everythig. How to warn simar kamiya is behind her. Amar says you have done what you had to now please leave us alone. Simar realizes Kamiya is behind her. Kamiya says don’t worry simar. They are not your people. Tell me, will you get me married to Prem? will I get Prem? Simar says yes. For sure. Everyone is dazed. Sujata says you can’t do this. Wasn’t killing mata ji enough? You have taken my simar from me. Now don’t take my son from me. Simar says in heart I have to keep this going on. Simar shoves sujata and says shut up. Prem will come back in this house but as her husband not as your son. Kamiya says they wanted to take Prem from me? He is only mine and will always be.
Simar sees someone coming in her room. She shouts, She sees its amar. SHe says how you came in? Amar says from window. You haveto be careful. This game is getting more dangerous. You have to bring Kamiya up against her mom. kamiiya is coming in that direction. amar hides. Kamiya asks was someone there? Simar says no, where were you? Kamiya says there was a scorpion it bit me and I became stone. Simar says there is someone who wants to keep prem away from you. Kamiya says who? Simar says your mom. Also you think your rakesh died in an accident? Kamiya says yes. Simar says he was also killed by your mom. She wants to separate you and Prem the same way. Kamiya says how can my mom do this? Simar says you are not trusting your Kaal? Go ask your mom. She will tell you, herself what the truth is.

Kamiya says to Mahmaya I have got to know truth. Mahmaya says why would I do that? Why would I send a scorpion? Kamiya says why would kaal lie. I also know you killed rakesh. Mahmaya says I didn’t kill Rakesh. Kamiya says look into my eyes and tell me Kaal is lying. Simar throttles Mahmaya and says you will call Kaal a liar? Tell your daughter truth. Mahmaya says yes I killed Rakesh. I didn’t have another option. Kamiya says I won’t let you play with my life anymore. I and prem will be together now and nothing can stop that. If you try to stop me, remember kaal has promised to give me all his powers. Mahamaya says you can’t do this. I will rule the world. I spent whole life praying to kaal and you will take the powers? What have you done other than loving human. I will never let you and prem be one. They both go out. SImar releases Prem. Prem says stay away from me. you are not my simar.

Precap-Kamiya says I and Prem have decided we are getting married. Sujata says what is she saying. Prem says yes we are getting married and I dont want to hear anything else. Simar says you two get ready by 5pm.I will take you to a place where you will get married.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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