Sasural Simar Ka 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Thakurian wakes up in hospital and says what am i doing here. she recalls when she was about to kill sunanda. she says i wont leave that mom and daughter, they cant run away. She says i have to go them somehow. They shall not run. she tries to go out.

Everyone packs up to leave. Mata ji while leaving says i dont want to leave the house but that hand mark, the cat’s action and everything has scared me. Prem and simar are going to start a new life, i want you to away from all the troubles. simar recalls the recent incidents. mata ji says what are you thinking about? simar says one moment mata ji. simar takes out a rod and says i cant leave this evil mark here. She starts hitting the hand mark. Simar says i wont let an inch of this mark on my house. When she is done she

says lets go mata ji. Mata ji says sattu lock the door.

Thakurian comes there and sees the lock on their door. She asks a man where have they gone?The man says i dont know but they have taken the new tenants with with them as well. Thakurain says i will find them.

Roli and sid welcome everyone they say you are our guests now. Roli says now pick their bags. Mata ji says you both have cleaned and decoratd it really well. We are coming here after so long, sujata says when sid and prem were young we used to come here often. sujata says i feel so good. Rajhinder says so many memories related to this house. Sattu says we will create new one as well. Mata ji assign duties to everyone. Sujata says mata ji you should rest. Mata ji says to snanda you must be tired as well. you should come with me .

Rajhinder and sujata tell all the invited people that the venue has changed. Everyone else is working as well. Jhanvi and simar set up the small temple.jhanvi goes to bring parsad. Amar has hiccups, prem and sid tease him that someone is missing you. He says i should go and drink water.

Mohini in kitchen is cooking and singing at the same time. Amar claps and says you have such a nice voice that my hiccups stopped. how many secrets have you concealed. you sing well, you cook well. She says you haven’t even eaten them. You can praise them in front of everyone when they are served. amar says if you are around then i will praise them.

They hear a cat. simar says where is it coming from? mata ji says this is not good.They all start ooking for the cat but cant find. Sattu says must be outside let me check. uma says i wont let you go alone. rajhiner asks sankalp and shalu to go with him as well. sid says its in the house. Mata ji says no this is not a good sign. Khushu says this is because of that witch, if a witch if after somone she doesn’t leave. Prem says maybe its some other cat, they start looking in the house. The cat is in anjali and sanju’s room. They are scared.

Precap-khushi says its the same black cat that came in haldi ceremony. uma says this place is far from home. pari says that cat how can it come here. Mohini says this is the warning sign of witch.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. arooj

    First time matjis praised rosid why does she always Hav to praise stupid premar please do Rosie’s wedding with full rituals this time why jus stupid premar wedding all the time rosid wedding please

  2. ss

    roli will save simar from the cat and she protects her sister with all the ways possible for her… watch today on location videos the rosid intrvew is superb…

  3. Updates are slow

    Roil is supposed to the writers made it that way that does not mean that she is the best sister

  4. ss

    mataji praises rosid wow…. superb for the frst tym she praises always she tells premar only and she praises always only simar… even when roli do all.. but today she praises roli great…

    i think this house is jahnavi’s sasural.. what you tell guys.. which house is that?

  5. s

    anjali and sanju are in danger with cat .. i think simar save them but she gets into attack and roli vl come and save simar from cat… dont drag this track too lengthy.. please show mohini dayan real avatar and roli and simar and bw clan in action.. want to see rosim action now.. eagerly waiting..

  6. sandya

    roli kills someone… roli kills cat.. uske liye she feels guilty…. sid and karuna consoled her…. dont want that mohini will create problem between rosid life… please roli ko kuch nahi hona chahiye and dayan ka sach samne leavo jaldi.. please cvs dont show again rosid in trouble because of mohini.. already premar mariage in trouble…

  7. I think Thakurin is good woman n Mohini n sunanda re witches..nw Mohini ll get interest on prem n she ll tak him away again simar n roli wil fyt fr prem with daayan mohini n sunanda

  8. Stupid serial same motive diffrnt characters… Drag wit a cat fr more Dan a week…. I don’t knw once roli will be reborn nxt simar next roli galz like maya n surbi will lyk oly prem n sidd not sankalp sattu shailu…idiotic serial

  9. You guys are in love with roli and siddhartth. All they do is romance. Who cares if Roli saves Simar all the time. Simar is the one who always suffers. Roli and Sidd relationship never broke,

  10. Hi m new commntng here. I watch d serial on a regulr basis. N also read d updates daily. Bt i hv found dt mst ppl in dis commnt zone r crazy fans of roli n sid n dislik prem n simar. Ofcourse evry1 hs dere own preferences. Bt simars chrctr hs bn portryd alwys as n ideal sistr, wife, mother, daughtr in law etc… N c alwys lives up2 d xpctatns of al rltns c holds. N evn rdy 2 gv hr lyf fr d family. Yet d viewers r ardent fans of rosid nly bcz of dere cute romance. Bt nt watchng d actual gd deeds done by simar.

  11. Its f9 bng fan of sm1. Bt plz dnt shw disrespct fr d 1s hu r also n imprtnt prt of d shw. If prem n simar r removd frm d shw it won’t b d same 2 watch. Isn’t it????? Its going on gd bcoz of bth simar-prem n roli-sid. Evn if 1 s nt dere u wudn’t lyk it urslvs. Sorry if ne1 flt bad fr my views….. Bt no harsh flngs…..

  12. Nandhini

    I liked amar more than simar-prem and roli-sid… thought he wud get a better pair in ssk but poor fellow he was destined to love dat mohini!!; (

  13. ADELE( Anu)

    Even I think that those sunanda n mohini r witches!!! Their behavior is very weird type!

  14. asma kazi

    Hiii welll even i think mohini n sunanda are witches.poor amar so bad fr u. Amar is really a very nice character i like amar view. I think he will going to find the secrets of sunanda n mohini. Cmon amar go fr it. All the best u rock always…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.