Sasural Simar Ka 16th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli comes and picks the phone from table. She says I forgot my phone here. You were calling someone hope I didn’t disturb you. Vikran says not at all. Simar says to vikran so you thought this is roli. my sister you were doubting me. He says I have learnt that you shouldn’t even trusts your shadow. pardon me. Well if you want another cup of coffee you can join me. She says no baa and sanju would be up. She leaves.

roli is in the parking aditi comes there and says sorry I am late. I was stuck in traffic. she tells her that vikran thought I am roli then I managed. Roli says we have to go to karthik’s home to scare him from sunnaina. Aditi says there are so many artists here. I will appoint one who looks like sunnaina. roli says okay I have to go. Khushi is doubting


Khushi and surbhi comes to the hotel. khushi asks surbhi to take the bags to room while she will go to roli. she says I will catch you. I know you won’ be in your room. you will have to answer surbhi’s questions. Khushi knocks the door. Roli is no opening. Surbhi comes there. khushi says roli bhabhi is not opening the door. They knock, roli opens after a while. She says why you came so early ? surbhi says khushi wanted to come back to see you. You are not well. Khushi says you are not well and I was so worried for you. khushi says in heart that I will figure out why you came here. They go to get fresh. roli says you saved me God.

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Scene 2
Sid comes to prem and says you are so boring alwys endorsed in work. prem says are okay ? you look tired. he says what will happen to me. its not about the health. Lets go somewhere let’s go to Ahmedabad. Prem says that means you are missing roli. Sid says aren’t you missing surbhi. Prem says its not like that. Surbhi is a nice girl. I am worried for anajli she is not ready to accept surbhi s her mom since she cam from summer camp. sid says before summer camp she din’t know what a mom is like. She must have seen kids with their moms. she will settle with surbhi in some time. Just stay happy.

Scene 3
Karthik says baa let sunnaina bhabhi come the we will open the gift. she will be happy to see it. Simar comes downstairs. Karthik opens the box. he takes out another box from it that contains medicines. He says I bought these from America for you. baa says you always want me to stand on my own feet. You get new kind of medicines for me. Vikran says you should be happy for that. karthik says I own a hospital I treat people there but I feel helpless when I see you like this. baa hugs her.
Simar says in heart karthik is lying why was he so worried when it just had medicines. karthik says bhabhi why aren’t you ready ? Simar says what for ? he says we are all going for dinner tonight. Go and get ready. Anjali says mama go get ready we have to go. simar says in heart roli and aditi had to come tonight. What should I do now.
karthik gets a call. Simar stops. he just says okay. he says baa I have to call a conference. you all should go I will come later and join you. Sanju says papa is the plan cancelled ? he says no we are going chachu will come later.

Simar comes to her room and says I have to tell roli that karthik is alone at home for sometime. I have to call roli.
Vikran says baa let me book the table. When he picks the receivers he finds that someone is on parallel line. He asks who has received the phone ? simar says its me ? he says whom are you calling at this time ? simar says I was booking the table. He says I was booking the table. he says I was booking the table as well. Anyways go ahead book it. Simar calls roli. Vikran is still holding the receiver. He listens. Simar feels like vikran is on parallel line. She calls roli and says this is sunnaina mehta we had to book a table. Vikran disconnects. Simar says karthik planned to go out for dinner but now he’s staying home alone. He’ll come when his conference ends. Roli says he’s alone that’s better. We’ll make him spit out the truth. Roli says get ready to see the mirror karthik.

.Precap-roli calls simar and tells her that aditi is inside too keep and eye on karthik. Suddenly the hear someone screaming. Simar asks what was that? Roli says i think aditi is in some trouble.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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