Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj says to Simar can you make Anjali like yourself. Simar says I will try my best. Saroj says you have to do this on a specific time. She places 4 apples and a rotten one with them in temple. Saroj says these four apples are my family and this rotten one is you daughter. Before this rotten one ruins rest of the four you have to prove your daughter. They will stay here. This is your deadline. Do you accept it? Saroj says I know you can’t. Because like this rotten apple can’t be fresh your daughter can never learn. Rest is upto you. Saroj picks up the apple. SImar holds her hand. Simar says I accept it. I have faith in God. I swear on God I will bring my daughter on right path. You will be proud of her and this is my vow.

Prem says why did you stop her? SImar

says their marriage would have ended. At least we have hope now. Prem says what will you do? SImar says I don’t know but GOd will show us a way. This is last chance to save Anjali’s marriage. No matter how difficult it is. Prem says you can’t win a lost battle. Simar says a wife might lose it but a mother wont.

Scene 2
Piyush is upset. Vadahi says don’t be sad. She loves you I can understand her pain. She loved you all her life. Her heart if broken. Don’t blame her. Piyush says I wish she thought like you and cared for other like you. There can never be another like you.
Mataji calls everyone in hall. Simar and amar ask what happened? Prem says what happened? Mataji says its a good news. Vadhai and Piyush’s wedding is decided. It will be on 10th and engagement two days before that. Everyone is very happy. Amar says Piyush would want to marry right now. Vadhai is a bit upset. SImar says what happened? Vadhai says I am very happy this is very important for a girl and without parents it is so incomplete. I gave this right to my aunt and uncle and I miss them. Simar says they will come here. Piyush says I don’t think they would come. VIkram says they will come. This all happened because of me. I will talk to them and tell them what happened. Prem says I and simar will talk first and then you. Vikram says okay. Mataji gives everyone sweets.

Roshni breaks stuff and says I won’t let this happen. I won’t let Piyush marry her. Sumit comes in and asks what is all this? What’s wrong? Roshni says please go from here. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Sumit says is this because of Piyush again? Sumit says I told you so many time you can’t snatch love. Roshni says I don’t wanna listen a lecture. Why you all ask my problem when you can’t understand. Please go from here leave me alone. Sumit says what way is this to talk? This is how you will talk to your papa. Roshni says okay sorry but please you go from here. I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Scene 3
Simar comes in and says anjali keep this list of stuff you need to sanjev. Anjali says I don’t need your help. I will win my vikram’s heart with my way. Just see what I do. Once he is mine your attitude will change. I don’t want this. Simar says please listen.

Roshni says I wanna go. Sumit says I wont let you. Rita says let her. Sumit says shut up. Roshni says please papa let me go he is mine. Sumit says he is not a thing. You can’t buy him. Sumit says don’t act crazy. Roshni says please let me go. Sumit locks her in the room. Sumit says I will make sure you dont go out of house. I won’t let you ruin simar’s happiness.
Roshni is crying in the room. Roshni says this is my promise I won’t this marriage happen.

Precap-Mataji gives pandit ji kundlis. Piyush says when we have decided then why all this? Vikram says it doesn’t matter. Pandit says there would be many problems in their wedding. Roshni comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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