Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 16th January 2013 Written Update

Veeru talking to himself roli rishta will finish and also the distance between me and roli will also be goine and one thing will remain..the sign on these papers…billo!! Billo hears this and says u need my sign!! and veeru shocked seeing her..and then he looks at the papers!! and billo comes to him and veeru hides papers behind him..and she says whats worng why r u surprised…what are u hiding..i want to c. and she starts grabbing him saying show me show me…and then veeru stops her and smiles and says what the hurry billo these papers are for u..these are khushi sweet papers…and then u can read them and sign them. n billo says u still havent stopped thinking about khushi sweets!! and veeru thinks..i m saved…if she had seen the papers it would have been a mess..but to fool her its easy for me..and then he starts going away and billo says stop veeru..and then she puts her arms around him and says whatever is mine is urs..and for that u dont need my sign on any papers…we were always together and we will be together forever. then she puts his arms around her and says u can test me. and veeru says thats what i m doing billo..sign these papers once and then show ur love and romance. billo mad and goes and sit on bed. and veeru says whats wrong…all love gone..and he laughs. Veeru says i have one asked for one shop on my name and u are like this…billo u r small. then veeru thinks..u sign once..and i will end this love. and the one who has roli..what will he do with u.

Roli pacing the floor. thinking all should have gone in their rooms..i iwil sms masi and call has on the terrece. Verru is watching her from upstairs. roli leaves and veeru says why was roli looking so worried. roli comes to the terrace..and has a flashback of veeru..that he made two papers…one divorce of roli and sid and the other property papers. Once paper she will get signed by sid and on the other hand he will get billo to sign property papers. then she hears a noise and turns around to see and almost says MO and sees veeru and her smile fades away. Veeru comes to her and says roli whathappemd why are u crying. Did someone say anyting to him. did someone say something to u after seeing divorce papers. he says this must be it. he says let ppl say..what does it matter. and when u dont love sid why a forced relationship to show ppl. and sooner or later u were going to leave him so why not legally. atleast he wont be able to come in between us in future. stop wasting time and go get the sign. ROli gets mad and YELLS…divorce divorce divorce..whats wrong with u…and veeru is taken aback. how can i divorce sid just like that. are relationships toys to u..that when u feel like making u make and then u break. Veeru says roli what are u saying. then roli shocked. and veeru says u urself told me u want to get rid of was that a lie…tell me. roli realizes and says no..i didnt mean that. I know i want to end it…but everything is going so fast i cant understand..i need some time. Veeru smiles and says ok..whenever u feel like then sign it. when u sign i will get sign from billo.. ok!! Veeru says see how i solved everything. and come me ur smile…please please please please please please please and roli smiles and veeru says YES!!! Veeru says u know roli i m waiting for the day when u will be mine. Look after urself…and he goes away…and roli breaks down and crys. and she prays hey matarani…one hand my family and other hand my SID!! what should i do. Prem comes in and uma says we will set dinner but everyone waiting for sid. simar thinks roli likes til ladoo but where is she… Masi comes to the terrace…and sees roli sitting there crying masi comes to her and hugs her and asks whats wrong. and roli crys a lot. and roli says where were u i was waiting. and masi says whats wrong. and roli gives masi divorce papers…and masi is shocked. and roli says veeru made them..and he has a condition that when i sign them he signs property papers. Family wiaiting for sid. sid in office thinking. how roli says u should have realized seeing my behaviour that i m not happy with our relationship!! Sid mom calls him but he doesnt pick up. family is worried for sid as he is not picking up. SID thinking of she said she didnt want to marry but she had to marry him… Sid thinking why did u do this…and then he looks at his phone and ignores it. but finally picks up. his mom chides him and he says he is busy at wk. i will be late. family thinking what roli did with sid he doesnt feel like coming home.

roli and masi talking and roli is worried how he will handle divorce papers…and masi consoling her. and masi tells her to go ahead with the plan…like how krishna explained to arjun…this is dharam yudh and to do it. masi says to leave everything else to matarani

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Update Credit to: kasrana

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