Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar sees prem seeing off his daughter, prem says in heart i can never fill your place simar. amar says this is not the place to talk to him, i have to think something else. Amar starts walking prem comes to his car and starts driving home. he plays ‘sun raha hai na’ and recalls his moments with simar. He recalls how simar died. Prem stops the car in distress and comes out. He sits there and says where should i get courage from? why you left me alone? amar comes out of back of his car. amar says prem, prem is dazed. Prem hugs him he says you were.. AMar says i was in come and when i opened my eyes i came to meet you. prem says everyone in the house will be happy to see you. especially roli. amar says roli? Prem says yes roli told us that you did all that in jhumki’s

magic. He tells him everything. Amar says this is all lie, that woman living as roli tried to kill me not shurti. prem says i know everything there is nothing left to know.

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Amar says you know nothing, two months ago i and simar planned all this. Wher is she ? i wanna meet her, prem says you can’t meet her now, amar says what you mean? Prem says come sit with me in the car, you wont understand like this.

Scene 2
i a hospital room simar is shown singing a lullaby, amar and prem see her from outside the door. Prem tells her how simar tried to kill herself. prem says we managed to save her life but she lost her mental balance. She one shoved mata ji from stairs in her attacks. She attacked anjali once in another attack. then one day simar came iwth a rod, everyone started running after her. Simar tried to break God’s idol i stopped her. after that everyone was sacred of her. We treated her a lot but nothing helped. we didn’t want to lose anyone so i brought simar here. Even God can’t do anything for us. It got proved that mata rani is just a piece of stone. Prem says the one you call fake roli heaeled us. amar says you don’t know truth. prem says i don’t wanna know anything else, look at simar this is the only truth. I just want to find that shurti, When i find her i will kill her. she is responsible for everything and unless i punish her i wont leave her. i am glad to see you alive but please dont start any investigations, i just want simar to be okay. Amar says i am going but i will come back.

Prem goes and sits with simar. He says you know simar anjali and sanju tease me a lot. They both want to see different cartoons at same time. Maa asked me to buy another TV but i said no. You know amar came to meet me, he is alive. simar is expressionless. prem says please try to recognize me i am your prem.

Calendar tells amar that fake roli is going to do something that will make sid her forever. amar says we have to do something? calendar says what can we do? Everything is in God’s hands. Amar syas you are right, God can’t be so unjust. we saw power of that woman, now God has to show his power. God has to help us. some men run after a woman and says thief she is a thief. She says i have not done anything. amar says what has she done? A man says she stole bread from my shop. amar sees she must be hungry. tell me how much it costs? He gives the man cost of his bread. calendar syas i will bring her something good to eat. amar says don’t worry sit here he will bring something. she holds amar’s hand and takes him upstairs. amar says where are you taking me? she take off the veil from her face, amar says who are you ? what you want? She points at a girl. amar says who is she? amar goes to the girl, he is shocked to see its roli.

Precap-fake roli says that moment is here. my mission behind this red door will be accomplished tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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