Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 16th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple
Viru is still unable to believe what happened with him, and how roli betrayed him, by saying and behaving as she did. He is shocked out of his wits. The bharadwaj family too listens disbelievingly as simar confirms that it was all a drama. She says that roli did this for getting their property and anjali back. Mataji remembers how she had insulted all of them. Siddharth is overwhelmed with emotions on knowing the truth as he remembers how he had told her for divorce and taken her mangalsutra. His mother says that even if she didnt tell it to them, but its okay that the misunderstanding is cleared now. She and mataji too apologize for not trusting and misunderstanding her. Roli says that she should apologize for hurting them so badly,

saying that she was helpless as she had to teach a lesson in their way only. simar says that now on, roli is only sid’s and now they have everything that he and khushi had snatched from them. Roli tanuts viru saying that

Khushi screams out to her, saying that she wont live in peace after destroying her viru. She says that they are back togetehr now, and this time they wont lose as she doesnt take time to turn the tables around. She is about to push simar, but roli comes in between and says she should stay away from simar. Roli is pushed by khushi, and instantly reprimanded by viru for even trying to hit roli. Khushi is surprised and asks if he is out of his mind and that he should realise what roli did to him, and that now they are back together and will take their revenge on this family.Viru says that she can keep the property or give it to anyone she wants, but she shouldnt think of leaving him, as he would die without her. Simar and everyone is surprised to hear that. roli says that she knows that she enacted, but she didnt want to hurt anyone. Viru says that she’s lying as he has seen and felt the love in her eyes and personality. Siddharth and others are shocked to hear this. He says that it may have started as drama, but eventually she also fell in love with him. Roli vehemently denies that. He again says that he doesnt need anything and says that they can go somewhere far together as he doesnt need anything else than her love and cups her face. He tells her to tell him that she loves him. Siddharth comes in between and says that if he’s finished, then he should tell now how dare he decided to touch roli. Roli is happy. But viru starts laughing and sys that what right does he have on roli now as noone including him believed in her. He says that since he fell in true love with him, and had blind faith in her, therefore he has the right on roli and not them. roli says that he shouldnt accuse her family, as what they did was right and what anyone would have done in their position. Its evident from the fact, that even after all animosity, they stand by her here, as they still love her as much as they did before. She says that she can see this, and he wouldnt understand it. She says that she can never seperate herself from her family, as she is a member of this family. Mausiji and the family are feeling a sense of pride at roli. All are in tears with mataji saying that she feels very inferior today, thinking that after what she did for them, and they tanuted her so bad, and that its unfathomable that she did so much for them, and sacrficed so much and they didnt even support her. She asks why did she hide this from them, and if it was lack of faith. She sys that theyw ould have supproted her. roli says that she never feelt alone and always felt their blessings which helped her in succeeding in getting everyhting back. Viru, enraged with anger, sees anjali in mataji’s arms and takes her from mataji, with everyone getting shocked at this step.

Viru says that he never leaves anything alone and that he has had enough family drama. Viru holds the baby, Anjali in his hand, and a flaming log of wood in the other, and says that roli will have to take the seventh and last phera with him, to complete the marriage or else….Prem and simar try to get viru to give anjali back to them but he snubbs them off. Roli asks him too, but he says that he would once she finishes the marriage with him. In the whole commotion, Roli is scared for the baby, and says that she would marry but that he shouldnt do anything to anjali. Viru is happy to see his plan working while the whole bharadwaj family is shocked. The screen freezes on roli’s shocked face.

Precap: As viru is taking the police away, he thinks that if she cant become his, he wont let roli become anyone else’s. He shhots a bullet from a pistol at roli, which simar sees and throwing roli and sid out of its way, faces the bullet herself. The whole bharadwaj family is shocked to hear this. Roli screams out her name in horror.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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