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Sasural Simar Ka 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says its about time I start my plan’s part 2. She messes her room. vikram comes in and says what is all this anjali? Anjali says I am looking if there is any other thing. I am so scared. Vikram says relax. She says please I can’t trust her I am so scared. Vikram hugs her. Anjali says I am so scared. Vikram says I understand what happened was scary. But trust me Tai ji wont do it again. Anjali says you go to office I live here whole day.
I feel scared to come out of this room. He says why don’t you do a job? You will spend less time home and we will be home together. Anjali says thats a good idea. I always wanted to do modeling. Vikram says modeling? She says yes. Don’t you want to support me in that? He says don’t you think its a little

different. She says so is your wife. I always had big dreams. I want my pictures on boarding and magazines. I wanna step forward in life. I wanna be special. He says you already are special to me. Anjali says so I can do modeling? He says yes. Anjali says you are saying yes but rest of the people will say no. Vikram says I will handle all that. You just follow your dreams and just take care. ANjali hugs him and says you are the best husband. I love you. He says I love you too.

Kb says to Roshni Piyush didn’t leave his work. Vadhai left the work so he came to you. She freed him otherwise he would have stayed with her to work. Roshni you lost even when you won. This is what vadahi gave you not what you had yourself. Go and see.. roshni goes and sees Piyush working with Vadhai. She recalls him saying I am tired I can’t go. KB says to roshni you saw? You love piyush right? And that is why you came here right? I befriend very few people. I helped anjali winning her love. Roshni says what should i do? KB says be my friend. They shake hands. KB says in heart this friendship will ruin Simar’s life.
Vadhai gives Piyush his coffee. She says you should sleep I will manage. He says no we have to end this work today. I have to win papa’s trust. Vadahi says did you go with roshni? He says I didn’t enjoy at all first time I was bored with roshni. You know why? Because you weren’t there with me.

Saroj comes to anjali. anjali says what you want now? You want to put some other magic stuff here? Saroj says I want to talk to my son in person Anjali says he doesn’t want to talk to you. Go from here. saroj says he is my son and you can’t stop him from talking tome. Anjalu says he is worried already. Please go from here or I will leave this house and he will come with me. Saroj leaves. Vikram asks who came? Anjali says tai ji came. Vikram says she wanted to talk to me? Anjali tai ji asked me to lie and convince you that she didn’t do all this. Vikrma says but she accepted her mistake. Anjali says she is very possessive about you. Anjali says you should sleep.

Piyush and Vadahi are working. Vadahi sleeps on the couch. Poyush covers her with quilt. She holds his hand in sleep. Piysuh sits next to couch and caresses her face. KB sees them like this.
Simar says on call I trust you vikram but all this is scary. Vikram says I won’t let anything happen to anjali. Simar says I know you love her. Vikram says I will take care of her don’t you worry. Vikram says she is here. He gives the phone to anjali. ANjali says hello.. hello.. I think there is no network. She hangs up.

Precap-KB says to Prem i saw piyush in vadhai’s room. Simar says shut up. He must have gone there for some work and then would have slept in his room. Prem calls Piyush and says where are you? piyush says I was out just coming. They all come to Vadahi’s room Piyush is there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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