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Sasural Simar Ka 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali is with the guy in disco. He says you have two shots down. She says if you had a family like me, you would be drinking as well. Specially my dad. I wanna rule the world and he wants to get me married to some boring guy. He puts his hand on her back and says don’t worry I have talked to director. His friend comes. Anjali says I am coming.

Piyush says to Rohan lets go dance. Rohan says no I won’t you two go. Roshni says Piyush papu can’t dance. Piyush dances with Roshni.
Arjun says to his friends have you brought what I asked? He says yes. He gives Arjun drugs. He says now see how you will be save from me Anjali.
Rohan takes mango juice from bar. Anjali asks for mango juice as well. Rohan recognizes her. He says oh its the same girl. Anjali

says what? He says I think you didn’t recognize me. Anjali says are you living in 80s? Rohan says nothing leave it.
Anjali takes the drink. He says this is my drink. Anjali says this is mine. I paid first. Anjali laughs and says this reminds me of my school event. A guy said the same that he bought the drink first and I paid first. I slapped him so hard. Rohan says in heart oh no she is the same camp girl. Anjali says why have you hand on your cheek? Someone slapped you as well? Rohan says who would.

Roshni says to Piyush why are you looking here and there? Dance with me. Piyush says I can dance with you home. We are here to dance and befriend new people. Roshni says if you dance with someone else I will find someone else to dance with as well. Piyush says you only think about that London guy. Roshni says shut up.
The guy mixes drug in anjali’s drink.

Simar is worried home. She says I hope kids are safe. Take care of them God.
Rohan sees them mixing the the drug. He gives the drink to Anjali. Roahn says don’t drink it. Anjali says why? Rohan says he mixed something in your drink. Anjali says stop using your tricks. Roahn says I am not using any tricks. Arjun says you will blame me in front of my gf? Rohan says I won’t let you drink this. Anjali says I will drink it to prove you that you are doing this to trick me. Anjali drinks it.
Anjali sits and says did something happen to me? No? Now go. Rohan leaves.
Arjun says in heart why didn’t anything happen to Anjali?
he goes to the boys and says what did you give me? nothing happened to anjali? he says oh shit I gave you headache pill by mistake. This is the real drug. Arjun says but because of your mistake I was saved today. He takes the drugs and goes to Anjali.
Arjun comes back and asks whom are you chatting with? Anjali says I was telling Shanaya about what happened.
He mixes the drug in her drink. Arjun says drink this it will make you feel better. Anjali says I don’t feel like drinking anymore. I was thinking to go home. He says just one more drink. I will drop you home.
Rohan comes out. He checks his phone and sees simar’s missed calls. Rohan calls her back. Simar says is everything okay? He says yes. Why you sound worried? Simar says aren’t you inside the club? He says they are dancing inside. I don’t like noise much so I came out. Simar says take care of them and come home early. Rohan says yeah sure.

A waiter calls inspector and says you have a raid ready.
Arjun says Anjali you are so lucky. My director brother is here. He is staying in this hotel. Come lets meet him. Anjali says yeah lets go. He takes Anjali towards the room. Arjun comes in the room with Anjali. He locks the door. Anjali says why have you locked the door? Arjun says I did so much for you. We are on date. Anjali says this is not right. She shoves him and says don’t touch him. He says this is your chance. You said you can do anything to become actress. Anjali slaps him, he shoves her on bed and says how dare you. Now seee what I do. Anjali says arjun leave me. Rohan hears Anjali shouting. He sees in the room. Rohan says leave her there.

Police comes to the disco and say we have locked all the exits. Stand in a line all of you. He says lets check the rooms.
Rohan comes in room and beats Arjun. Rohan wraps his jacket around Anjali. Anjali tries to stand. Anjali says don’t touch me. Rohan says you are safe. He has gone. I will drop you home. Anjalu says leave me.Police comes in and says arrest him. Rohan says I don’t.. I was helping her. Inspector says shut up take them both to police station.
Police is taking Rohan with them. Piyush says sir he has done nothing. Piyush says he went there to help her only.
Anjali says leave me you don’t know who I am. The media records Anjali. She looks at camera and says hello. Rohan says she is weird I am stuck because of her and she is saying hi. Inspector says she is drugged because of your brother. Piyush says he is not like that. There must be a solution. Inspector asks to take Rohan’s blood test. They take Rohan.

Simar is home. she checks the time and says 12. Why aren’t they home. Roshni calls simar. Simar says I was about to call.. Roshni says we are in trouble. Rohan.. Simar says what happened? Tell me. Roshni says we are in police station.

Precap-Anjali says I hate mom. Cop announces bring Anjali Bharadwaj. Her dad Prem Bahradwaj is here to take her. Simar hears it. She sees Anjali and Prem. Inspector says I am leaving her this time. Next time.. Prem says there won’t be a next time. Prem says lets go home. Anjali says you call a house and home? Prem says shut up. How much you will get me insulted? Anjali says you are just dad of name.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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