Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar and Mataji welcome all the guests. Sumit and Rita come as well. They all congratulate each other. A car stops outside. Mataji says who is that? Uma says that’s such an expensive car. Anjali comes out of that car with a pet dog in her hands. She says see we are here. Everyone looks at her in shock. Vikra, takes Sanjev out of car. Anjali says hi mataji how are you all? They all say hi and giggle. Anjali says congrats bro and congrats Roshni. Anjali gives Piyush and Roshni their gifts. Anjali says open it. The world should know what Anjali gave her brother. She has given Piyush and expensive watch and Roshni a diamond necklace. Piyush says they are very nice but so expensive. Roshni says yes.. Anjali says come on when its about your family you don’t care about money.

Although my family didn’t help me when I needed but anyway I have enough money to buy anything. Simar says you can’t buy happiness with money and nor time. Money gives and takes as well. Anjali says right. I am an example of passion. If I had followed you I would be making food in the kitchen. Today I have money and fame but you won’t understand that because you have problem from my happiness. Mataji says enough.

People take selfies with Anjali all during the function. Arav comes and meets Anjali. Anjali says you have become so handsome after coming from London. He says you look different as well. Anjali says I won the beauty contest I have to maintain my standard. He says we should always maintain our culture. Anjali says why did you come here from London? You miss London right? He says ever since I came here I feel like why I went there. I wish I stayed here with my simar mom. Simar smiles. ANjali says you speak her language anyway. If you had stayed here you would become a lecturer too. Simar leaves. Aarav says you shouldn’t have said that.
Piysuh asks Arrav where is your special friend? Anjali says who? Piyush says just a friend. A girl comes in. Arrav says she si here. He says Ananiya finally you are here.I am so glad. I thought you would be late. She says I couldn’t find my matching sandals so I got late. He says come I will introduce you to my family. Pari says who is she? Aarv says Ananiya my friend. He says Ananiya my mom. Pari rudly says hi. pari says is she just friend? Aarav says yes. Aarav introduces her to Simar and everyone else. Mataji says you must be tired.
Anjali says where is my dog? She looks for him everywhere.

Aarav introduces her to Piyush. She says not everyone loves openly like you. She is taunting Arav. Roshni comes and meets her. Roshni says we had been married before. but there were some problems. So now they are all solved so we are celebrating it all now. Piyush holds her hand and smiles. Ananiya says that is why I came.. I mean to become part of the celebrations. She says Roshni you look so pretty. Ananiya says I am going to get ready.

The engagement starts. Ananiya calls someone and says you are there right? The woman she is talking to is wearing heavy jewelry. Ananiay says on call you can see Piyush right? She says yes everyone. Ananiya has a small camera attached to her dupatta. Simar asks what are you doing here? she says I had to make a call. Simar says come when you are free. She points towards her neck and says what is it? Ananiya gets scared. Simar removes a small confetti from her neck. Ananiay says on call you can see every one right? she says yes.

Aarav says to Annaiy you changed? She says yes. He says you look pretty. He says what is it? What are you wearing? He is about to pick that camera.. She says your mom is seeing what are you doing? He says thank God you saved me.
Uma says to Pari are you okay? She says I don’t like her.
Ananiay calls that woman again and says I can fail but won’t let this mission fail.
Piyush and ROshni make each other wear the rings.

Precap-Piyush and Roshni dance together on Bolna halkay halkay. That woman is watching. She says dance Piyush you are gonna cry. Anjali says to Tai ji you came? You are so shameless. Simar says Anjali you can’t misbehave with my guests.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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