Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar sees chandan maani alive. She is shocked. She is a woman in white. Simar says who are you? She says didn’t you recognize me? devika gave me to you thinking you will protect me but you destroyed me instead. you shattered me. So many times. Then you burnt me. Every way, you insulted me. She says yes, I am chandan mani. Simar is dazed. I am the shadow of moon. simar says it was just a stone.. Mani says its not just a stone. Whoever I belong to becomes immortal. I can build lives and ruin lives. I bring peace to lives but if someone insults me I can ruin their lives. I am bright like moonlight but powerful too. The way I pull oceans towards me, I can break the string of anyone’s life in a moment. You have no idea of my powers yet. The scars you gave me are left. she

shows her the burn scar on her arm. Simar says I am sorry I didn’t know the maani I am protecting has a life. I did this to save my family and to keep my promise otherwise shaitan would have gotten you. I have made mistake. Mani says thats a sin. And every sin comes with a punishment. When I get mad I destruct everything. You broke me for your family now see how
I break your family. Simar says its not their mistake. Please don’t do this. She says your punishment has started. Somar says this means you have disappeared them? Are they okay? what have you done to them? Simar touches her, her hand freezes. Maani says no one can touch me without my permission. Simar pours gangajal on her hand but it doesn’t work. Maani says no matter how much you try your hand wont be working now. I am neither human nor soul. I am power against whom your gangajal and sindur is also useless. I am shadow of moon. I am follower of God and I believe in positive powers. So you don’t have anything against me.

Chandan maani says after 15 days its eclipse, you can bring them back till then in their old life.But if you fail to do so,they will live rest of lives in illusion. Simar says but.. She says don’t expect any answer. I will tell you what to do? And remember its about your family’s life. So you accept my challenge? She extends her hand. Simar says I have faith in my God. She is about to hold her hand,maani says you can’t touch me remember? I forgave you once but wont again. Promise you candle of your mata rani that you have accepted my challenge and will play this game with all your heart. Simar says to save my family I accept this challenge.

Precap-Maani says its about time. Lets start it with the one closest to your heart. Prem is in a bag.Sid comes there with a pistol as a thug.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Kadavule intha serial eppo PA mudiyum?? Roli ponathu kaparram ithu romba bore PA.. Nonsense one more supernatural???????i give up pls other watch this show?????

  2. Watching ssk without Avika makes me cry all the timw

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)


  3. ye kya bakwaas story banarakha he ssk writers hv gone mad o wat wat is all this simar vl anyway defeat chandanmani mahaan jo he she supernatural of supernaturals vahi dhikana chahthe ho na hum logon ko samaj me aagaya he ab bas bhi karo aur family par concentrate karo ye simar ithni mahaan he tho roli ko vapas lao chadanmani tho vaise hi jayegi simar ki hi jeeth hogi sab ko pata he uske baadh kya suryamani jupitermani saturnmani plutomani marsmani ayenge all nonsense

  4. simar tho puri dhuniya ko bacharahi he na saving the chandanmani tho make her queen of universe aur moon par bitadho thabbi she l nt gt satisfied she l fight with stars n galaxies may b

  5. So this means sid is forget his roli….so worst…he became villian ah…cvs always hurts rosidians…compare to prem sid is having so much of fans…but he is hero and sid is villian?so worst….pls end the show without roli and rosid…its waste…

  6. we feel so sad to see ol dis plz twist da I show n bring roli

  7. Chandramani says she can give lives also so it can mean if avika wishes she would be able to come.the director is trying to do that only I think so.

  8. Is sid trying to fool someone?

  9. Ohh god..
    thre is of any chance of becoming prerna the new life partner of sid…
    whethr prerna is married??
    miss u aviga..come back..
    without u know ssk
    understand our feelings..

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