Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 16th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sid hits simar on head with a vase. simar falls down and faints. Roli says didi please open your eyes. She is crying. Sid comes with his sword. He is about to stab her but someone holds sid’s hand. Its amar, he shoves sid. He is totally taken aback when he see sid’s face. calenader says boss he is.. amar says sid is alive but roli never told us. sid attacks amar. Amar says calendar take care of roli and simar, i will handle him. simar opens her eyes and stands up. Her head still hurts, she looks at sid’s back. simar says stop, roli tries to stop her. Simar says who are you why are you attacking amar. sid looks back, simar is bewildered to see that its sid, she recalls when he killed himself. Sid stabs simar, everyone is in a shock. someone comes and holds sid’s

hand its maya. Everyone is dazed to see her back. She looks in sid’s eyes.

Rajveer opens a lock and enters a door. Simar, roli, amar and calendar are still standing in a shock. sid faints and falls on the floor. roli says sid please open your eyes. Maya says didi.. simar says shut up, you wont say a word. i will ask and roli will answer. Simar asks roli what is all this tell me? If you knew sid was alive why you pretended to be a widow. You concealed this truth from us why? Amar says yes roli tell us. simar says i am asking you something. if you stay quite today i will punish you that you wont ever forget. roli says i want you to punish me. Roli says i did this all for sid, try to understand. Amar says but sid.. how he became like this. he was dead is hospital. Maya says i will answer that. when sid stabbed himself and you took them to hospital, i was drowned it guilt. that all happened because of me. This is why i planned to kill myself, she recalls how sid killed himself. she looked at the trishun and wanted to kill herself, she regurgitated something from her mouth. she placed it in the trunk that had her husband. it was her snake-liness, she says i wanted to end it forever. She placed that trunk on the fire. She took the trishun to kill herself. that is when rajveer came there and said why you wanna die so ealy? amar says how he knows you? what was he doing there? None of us know him. Maya says i don’t know how he came there but all i know it that he is very dangerous and he can do anything to get the snake-liness. calendar says she is misguiding us, she and rajveer are one. Maya says no. rajveer stopped me from killing myself. simar says you had so much power and he was a common man, she says my powers were in that snake-liness and i was a common human without it. i thought he is going to do something wrong so i wanted to get my snake-liness. Before i could get it, he took it and burnt my husband. Rajveer said i am sad that your husband is on ablaze but i saved you snake-liness. whoever has it, no one can harm that person, not even you. She wanted to take it but he shoved her. Rajveer got a call from girjesh. rajveer laughed again after hanging up. maya said who are you? why have you come here? return it to me. Rajveer said i have been keeping an eye on you and bharadwaj house. i have the chance to become most powerful man of this world. My man called me from hospital and told me that sid has died. this broke maya, she said you are lying this can’t happen. simar and roli have taken him to hospital. He said i have a good news as well. i can help you to give life to sid. Maya said i know i can give him life with his snakeliness. Give it to me. He said make a deal. i will make sid alive and you will become my slave. Rajveer said you have lost all your powers, nothing shall work against me. you have to do as i ask you. the day you go against me, i will kill sid that day. maya says i had no other option but to agree. i came to hospital and took the deadbody from you. i told roli everything in the ambulance. if i had concelead him on the way you would try to find me this is why roli and i planned to pretend to kill me. I ajed roli not to tell it to everyone and she promised. Simr says in heart so roli did this to keep sid alive. amar says when simar, roli and calendar left hospital what exactly happened?why couldn’t simar and calendar get to know about the plan.

Precap-rajveer says to a lady maa, i will seek the revenge from bharadwaj family for ruining our lives.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. OMG ………Maya fir se!

    1. dont worry.. i think maya has been changed into positive character

  2. i am second

  3. very fast update thnx atiba for updating this boring serial very very fast

  4. Omg hate maya rajveer is guna call maa manoranjan mausi so does dat mean maya hasn’t got any powers and her naag is burnt so she can’t ever turn sid into a naag …,,,,

  5. now nagin turns into positive and mausi ji turns into negitive charactet.hmm i think sid is not naag.

    1. me to thnkng but dont no dear….

  6. prem to get drunk on ssk
    the viewers of the show vl be soon witnessing a high voltage drama in the show as our source inform us “as prem is angry with simar for going against his will, he will come home in drunken state,the ideal son of prem in bw family will first time do such kind of an act and will back answer to mataji and shout at simar. he will also get slapped by his father for this act.
    informing us about siddanth track on the show, our source further adds,”maya will save sid and very soon sid will back to the bw house in his original look.
    when we contacted dheeraj he said yes alot of drama will be seen in upcoming episodes which will be intresting to the viewrs to watch

    1. sandya where did u get these information???

      1. from forms…ssk…news…

  7. For the first time I saw fear in mayas eyes till nw she showed her green eyes and made every one afraid…

  8. Nice episode waiting for Sid to return back as rosid…….
    i think Sid is not a snake…he is hypnotized by rajveer

  9. Sandya frm were u got tis yaar???

  10. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ popular show Sasural Simar Ka on Colors, is going through lots of twists and turns in its ongoing episodes.

    According to the ongoing tracks of the show, the viewers have witnessed how Simar wants to carry forward the investigation but Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar) is against it. He is not at all happy with Simar’s decision and he has even asked Simar (Dipika Samson) to give her Mangalsutra back to him.

    The viewers of the show will soon be witnessing a high voltage drama in the show as our source informs us, “As Prem is angry with Simar for going against his will, he will come home in a drunken state. The ideal son Prem of the Bhardwaj family will first time do such kind of an act and will back answer to Mataji (Jayati Bhatia) and shout at Simar. He will also get slapped by his father for this act.”
    Informing us about Siddhant’s track on the show, our source further adds, “Maya (Sara Khan) will save Siddhant and very soon Siddhant (Manish Raisinghan) will be back to the Bhardwaj House in his original look.”

    When we contacted Dheeraj, he said, “Yes, a lot of drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes which will be interesting for the viewers to watch.”

    We tried contacting Manish but he remained unavailable to comment.

    Keep reading this space for more updates!

  11. if maya is a normal human then it wil b easy for cvs to make their favrte maya nd Sid United for ever.. Whts dis new drama.. Getting bored.. Try to make it short nd sweet..

  12. maya told dat if she get dat mani she brougt his sid alive and sab kuch teek karna cahathe hai… den how maya bring sid back with only mani… it means uska naag ko jaladiya na rajveer ne…. den he is not naag now… but in article and youtube telling dat sid turn int naag??? how it possible?? tel me anyone? is sid naag or only aryan as rajveer gulam?? plz anyone tel me..

  13. Hey even at first they said avika quits ssk nu do u remember v all got shocked na then at last they said tat is a twist i think the same happnes here they said Sid is a snake but not……

    1. i thnk u risht dear.. waitng for rosid reunion and premar also…

      1. i think tis serial will end with reunite of premar,rosid,janrag

  14. i think that rajveer is mausi ji’s son who was jailed becouse of mataji’s husband dadduji………
    that’s y he says maa(may be its Mousiji) as per the news that she will be back in a -ve char ………..

  15. if maya has lost her powers wth mani how did he stopped sid wth a spell by making him unconcious

    1. Ya i too got that doubt..she told she lost all powers she z nw eql to human …then hw.. she picked both amar n prem with her hands at the cliff where she killed by roli…n nw how she hipnotized sid…

  16. U get all this info from India doeums n rajveer is mausijis son n prem to get dunk in next coupled episodes n siddhanr to return to bharadwaj house

  17. Nice episode.I am happy tat rosid is going to be united but premar????????

  18. It seems rajveer is also a snake

  19. No rajveer is not a snake he has the mani that is something really powerful even powerful thn a snake n maya If I still don’t get it jus watch the episode it makes more sense want rosid scene

  20. manish speaks his heart out ssk..
    are we going to see rosid back again any time soon?
    ans: i dont know what to say. i really hope it happens and happens very soon too. as of know im concentrating on aryan but yes roli-sid is one of the most unique chemistry and the best thing what i love about roli-sid is they are not conventional.they are out of the box and i like thinking out of the box…

  21. actual in articl given as sid back bw house as maya save him but in seg dey show sid back to bw house as aryan and he try to kill prem.. and dey saying its nagin ka chaal.. actually maya helpng rosim to save sid but y dey saying dat maya doing all dis.. but rajveer send sid in bw house to kill prem .. so y segmnts sayng dat maya is sending???? actual who sendng sid dat maya or rajveer?

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