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Scene 1
Simar says for once see what I have written. Will you be able to give it to me? Prem sees Anjali written on check. Prem says don’t take my patience test. Simar says do you even know what patience is? Ask a mother who has been away from her daughter for 15 years. You know I stood with you in all circumstances. Even at Piyush’s time I didn’t leave you alone. You left me alone. I had to leave my family my house because you turned your face away from me. In all these years, I never understood you. I thought no matter what happens my Prem would never leave me. But I was wrong and today, today you crossed all the limits. You want to put a price on my motherhood? Whatever you said, I did it all. You asked me to leave I did. You asked me to sign divorce papers and I

did but not anymore. Anjali is my daughter and I will get her custody at any cost. This time you can’t stop a mother from meeting her child. This is my promise. Prem tears the check apart. Prem says I will see how you do this. Anjali herself hates you. One more thing, we are still there. You took a step away from us and I won’t let the distace reduce. This is my promise to you. He leaves.

Scene 2
Anjali and Khushi are at a court. Anjali says why you brought me here? Khushi says this is your one chance to control your life. They should think no one can control your life. Prem is there with his lawyer and Simar with Sumit Rohan and Piyush.
Judge says Anjali you are part of a special case. You are 21 years old. Whom do you wanna live with? Your mom or dad. Anjali says I don’t want to live with either of them. Judge says why? She says they are villian of my life. my dad is super strict. And this woman, I don’t want her in my life. I want to live my life on my own, I can take care of myself. If says if you could, what happened won’t have happened. You won’t have went to Mumbai. Anjali says you don’t talk better. Judge says did you flee from Anjali? Anjali says no one cares for me in that house. Please tell them that they can’t interfere in my life. Judge says you can’t order me. Anjali says so no one can order me either. Judge says you don’t know how to behave in a court. Anjali says yeah you are from their generation as well. I won’t listen to you or any of these two. She leaves and sits in her car. Judge asks police to stop her.
Judge says seeing Anjali’s attitude shows me why you are worried. Court would like to review this matter more. But till then the order is that Simar should live in Prem’s house with Anjali so she can take care of her.
Khushi says this irresponsible mother.. Judge says its about Anjali and her parents hence you can’t talk. Prem says that’s my house and I won’t bear that woman in my house. Judge says sometimes you have to let go of past for future. This is for your future. We will give you a list of rules, that won’t affect your personal life. she will be there for her daughter. Simar says I accept. Thank you judge. The court adjornes.

Prem stops judge outside and says sir please think once more. Your decision.. Prem gets a call and says what where did she hit? I am coming to police station. Judge says even now you think your daughter doesn’t need her mother? This is the right decision for her. You should go to court.

Scene 3
Rohan says to Simar, every time you talked about leaving we never stopped you. but this time we are happy. Roshni says yeah you are going for your daughter. she hugs Simar. Rita says I think simar should go now. Sumit says these two will live I am really worried for Piyush. simar says yes he has not lived a single day of his life without me. I know he won’t feel lonely when you all are here with him. Rohan says don’t worry I am here. Simar says but where is he? Piyush says I am here ma. He has a bag in hand. Piyush says I have packed your stuff, your meds too. and I have turned on reminders in your phone for your medicines. Piyush takes her out.
Rita says in heart I hope she never comes back.

Prem says to Anjali what more insult will you get to me? Khushi says she is injured. Prem says you shut up. Anjali says she doesn’t care about me. And I don’t remorse what I said in the court. Prem says you will when you get to know court’s order. Court has decided that Simar will live in our house from today.

Piyush and Simar arrive outside Bharadwaj house. Simar recalls when she left that house. Simar says you are mad at your mom? Piyush says I am very happy. I will live my life with fun. He is in tears. Simar says I am so sorry Piyush I am helpless. Piyush hugs her and says I can’t live without you. I don’t know what to do. I have never spent a day without you. But I know the circumstances. I will handle myself. Anjali needs you more. You should go. And when Anjali will live with you she will understand how much you love her. Simar says I didn’t know my Piyush is so wise. Piyush says like mom like son. Simar says take care of yourself.
Anjali says why didn’t you tell me KB. Khushi says I don’t think she will come here. Anjali says she better doesn’t. Simar enters the house. Khushi says Simar..

<strongPrecap- Mataji says simar you came back. She hugs her. Mataji says I knew she would come, my God sent her back. Lets go we will do pooja. The person from court says according to rules, you can't use the temple.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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