Sasural Simar Ka 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says i will take you to your end. Mata ji blows shunk in temple. Sunanda says you think its some royal fight? Some women come in and they put holy sindur on the witches. The witches start screaming.

Simar asks the man where is that baba? I have to meet him? He says he is amid bhis pooja. If you disturb him he will be mad. She says please tell me. He says baba is in jungle. Mohiniis seeing her. He says you are risking your life. Simar nods. Mohini follows simar.

mata ji says what you thought? you can do whatever you want to my family? i will show you the end of this game. Sunanda screams with pain. She says lets me go please. Mata ji takes her near the temple. She screams with pain.

Simar reaches the place where baba is. She sees him. Mohini comes

there. There are so many tents. She says what will i do now? Simar sees baba doing the pooja. She wonders what to do. she says i should wait here i will talk to him when he opens his eyes.
Mata ji says i will drag you and put you in temple. You wont die and live there.
Mohini breaks a vase. baba opens his eyes. He comes to simar. His men surround her.
Simar sits in his feet. SHe says pardon me. I didn’t want to disturb you. I am in trouble. I need your help. God has sent me to you. I am from Dehli. We are trapped in a witch’s game. The man says she broke the pot, the witch.
Simar says if you know about her end please tell me. I have to save my family.
Simar says I don’t have another option. He says what can you do? She says anything. He says will you give your life?

Mata ji asks sunanda tell me where are the pots? you know if i take you inside what will happen to you. she says they are in our room. Mata ji says go check amar and bring them. Sunanda says please leave me i will die. Pari says you will stay here until amar is back. you should be punished more. Sunanda says let me go please. Mata ji and pari take her towards the temple.

Baba says there is a dagger. A witch used to live in valley. she was so proud of her powers. The population was so worried because of her. They told their ruler but he didn’t listen. then the witch wanted to sacrifice ruler’s son. Till then she was so powerful. He called us and we and God killed her together. She was burnt there. A dagger was made from her ashes. It had powers of that witch. If you want to kill this witch you need that dagger. Simar says where can i find it? He says the ruler hid it somewhere. You will face troubles.
Baba says no blood should drip on it. If that happens no one knows what will happen next. Simar says you have favored me. I will never forget it. Baba says go kill that witch. God will protect you. Simar touches his feet.

Precap-Sunanda says my daughter never loses. She will win at mahakumb too. Mata ji says and we trust in our simar. and we know she will win there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk: mohini to kill herself on ssk!!
    rashmi sharma’s telifims popular show ssk color’s to witness a high voltage drama in it’s upcoming track soon.
    according to the ongoing tracks of the show , pari has becom normal now but sunanda and mohini are asking for premto the bharadwaj family and the family is trying their best to save prem from the hands of mohini and sunanda . now we hear that, the entire sequence, mohini will end up killing herself.
    our source informs us, ” in the upcoming tracks of the show, viewers will get to see a highpoint where mohini kills herself. sunanda and mohini wants prem from the bharadwaj family and while the family will fight with mohini and sunanda for this, mohini will take the knife from simar’s handand will kill her self and as told by baba, a new daayan will take birth from the blood of mohini”.
    as earlier reported, pratyusha quit the show and this is how her character will witness an exit from the show.
    keep reading the space for more updates.

  2. is the new daayan in simar’s life is jumpa,,??? when rosid back in ssk?? is cvs have any plan to bring them back in ssk or not?? cvs please bring rosid in ssk please..

  3. 15 sep: sunanda asks mataji why is she thinking so much and tells her to bring prem. mataji tells her that they arenot scared of her anymore and the entire family comes to gether infront of sunanda.
    16 sep: mataji tells sunanda the fightis even now. mohini is looking for simar and says that she will not leave her. simar runs away.
    17 sep: mohini tries to run behind simar, but jumpa stops her.simar runs inside the fort as mohini tries to approch her. mohini leg is stuck under a stone,.

  4. so…… their is no end for this dayan track..

  5. so… end for this boring track

  6. ssk: simar to kill mohini with magical knife in kumbh.
    simar will finally end mohini’s evil presence from her life in the upcoming episodes of ssk.
    it is seen that simar finally reaches mahakumbh after going through all the hurdles placed by mohini.
    after reachinhg there, simar will go to an ashram and she will go to an ashram and she will meet a saint who will tell her about a magical knife which will kill mohini.
    mohini also reaches the mahakumbh and she will not accept her defeat and she will try to kill simar.
    however,simar will have faith in mata rani and she will jump of cliff in front of mohini.
    simar will also find the magical knife and finally kill mohini . this will bring the end of mohini’s chapter from simar’s life.

  7. in nagin track pandit told about magical trishul which kills nagin.. roli killed her but she back.. now again in daayan track saint telling simar about magical knife which kill mohini.. but again with mohini blood in that knife new daayan comes..
    this track with magical knife kills mohini is same as like the movie arundathi movie version where anushka kills sonusoodh with that knife but he again backs same as like this movie dayan track going..

  8. By reading comments it appears dat new daayan will b born wen these writers will understand that they cant get trp by repeating same story new daayan against an old daayan stop this daayan track mohini die and rosid com bak serial boring widout rosid.

  9. Hmm ya but i hope while tat new Dayan comes…roli would be there with simar to fight against tis new Dayan….

  10. Sasural simar ka is going down day by day. Boring. ..Each n every day unwanted twist…I used to watch it daily. ..nw I dnt watch daily….jus saw ystrdys episode. …De show has lost its charm….its better to wind up de show

  11. so boring track end soon.mohini died simar new life tat means anyone tel me plz

  12. What a shame. In this serial, it is shown that the dayans were able to do what they wanted and the bharadwaj were helpless even in their god temple. I have the impression that the makers are showing god is weaker that the dayans. They are selfish and just running after TRP even if they have to show god power is nothing before evil

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