Sasural Simar Ka 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Everyone is worried about anjali. Achna thinks thats he can take the milk to her room. She is going in her room. Mausi ji sees her. She says how shameful are you. Mata ji says whats the need of this? Where were you taking this milk? Achna says pari is not feeling well i was taking this for aarav. Mata ji says that 6 months younger child only drinks her mother’s milk. Sujata syas that he is our grandson as well. We care about him. But anjali and aarav are same for us. Achna says that i didn’t know that anjali was crying because of milk. Mausi ji says this is so cheap. Simar says that how can you be so cruel to anjala? Mata ji says this is so shameful on behalf of all mothers. A mother cares about all the children but i can’t say this for you. Why is your presence

causing us so much trouble?
Achna goes to her room. She is crying really hard. Pari syas i am not feeling well aarav was crying and now you. Achna says that your mom has been insulted your family has asked to me to leave just because i care about my grandson. For this family simar and her daughter are everything nobody cares about aarav.

Scene 2
Next morning, everyone is one the breakfast table. Sujata asks janvi where is she going? Janvi says that the staff in office is not musch i can’t stay. Sujata asks her to eat, she says no i will be okay. Sujata says she always care about the works don’t pay attention on her health. Simar hand over her a lunch box, she asks are you okay? Janvi says yes i am fine. Simar says you can call me whenever you want, i am always with you. Janvi leaves.
Achna is leaving, mausi ji says i feel like someone is leaving from big boss’s house. Mata ji says you should do breakfast with us you can leave then, Sujata gives her the breakfasrt. Mausi ji says yes make her eat the good bye type of breakfast. Achna thinks nobody is stopping her she should plan some thing. She says i should call my son first. he will send the car. When we have Mercedes in the house why should i waste money on taxi.

Scene 3
Meghna says that her name is janvi? I heard what you were talking to your friends. You should not have done this to her. Shaureya says that this is my personal matter you should not interfere. She says you better not give me chance to interfere. Your lux is avoidable until it doesn’t effect our family name. U am brought you up i should tell you whats good for you. Shaureya leaves the table in anger. She says si know you nature thats why i have been hiding all your sins always but this is too much now.

Scene 4
Janvi says to simar that janvi is worried because of shaureya. Simar says that we should have his contact number to talk to him. You went to his hpuse before but we got nothing. You returned empty handed. Roli says that we should rummage in her room we will get his number from there. She must have written in some diary or something. Sujata calls them. Simar says let me check what she is saying you go in her room and look for the number. Roli leaves.

Scene 5
Janvi is in taxi which reaches the hospital. The driver is calling her over and over again. She is not listening. Janvi goes in the hospital. She is not in her mind. She remembers the way shaureya asked her to have a dinner with him and served dinner for her. A mate nurse asks her where has she been? You have forgot us after getting your love. You only take care of one patient these days, shaureya singhaniya. This really hurst her Janvi says nothing and leaves throwing her purse there. She shout janvi your purse but she doesn’t listen.

Scene 6
Roli is rummaging for shaureya’s number in janvi’s room. She can’t find it. She looks in the closet. She sees the same dupaata janvi was concealing from her yesterday. She takes it out and finds the wedding locket (mangal suttar) in it. She is taken aback.

Precap- Pari come crying downstairs. Mata ji asks is aarav alright?? She says yes but mamma has locked her room she is not saying anything. Everyone gathers outside her door and are knocking it

Update Credit to: Atiba

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