Sasural Simar Ka 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali slaps Vadahi and says how dare you. You stole my mangalsutra? You wanna ruin my wedding? Vadahi says I didn’t. Prem says we gave you shelter here and you did this to our daughter? Vadhai says I don’t know how it came here? Prem says I won’t trust you again. See Simar. Simar says there is some misunderstanding. I can’t do this mistake. KB says wow. You saw everything with your own eyes. Simar says maybe someone placed it here. Prem says enough. I said before nothing is more important than Anjali’s wedding. Simar says this is not Vadahi’s mistake. Prem says she is caught red handed. What if she steals stuff of Vikram’s family. I want her out of my house. Simar says please listen. Prem says I won’t. Prem says you are repeating

your mistake. You didn’t choose your daughter. You say you didn’t get you daughter’s love? You always lied and never did anything for her. Enough. The decision is in your hands. This girl or anjali, choose one. Prem leaves.
KB says pack your stuff and get out. They all leave. Vadhai says I don’t know how it got here. Please trust me aunty. Simar leaves as well.

Vadhai’s comes to bharadwaj house with her stuff. Vadahi says thank you for giving me this shelter. She touches Mataji’s feet. Vadhai says aunty what you did for me is what a mother does for her kids. I didn’t want you to think negative about me. Pari says who is wrong will be considered that. Vadhai says before leaving I want to tell you something. KB says in heart oh God what if she tells about Vikram. KB says get out no one is interested in listening to you. Get out of here. Please. Vadahi says I just want tell.. Simar says I don’t wanna listen anything. Piyush says at least listen to her once. Everything will be sorted. You don’t have to go anywhere. Simar says she has to. Vadhai has to leave this house. Right now. Nothing is more important than Anjali. Please leave. I don’t want any troubles in Anjali’s marriage. Please go. Its better for all of us. Vadahi gives simar the key of out house. Vadhai leaves. KB says her game is over.

Vadhi is walking on the road with her bag. she recalls her family rejecting her. Anjali slapping her. and simar saying its better that she leaves the house. Vadahi sees Vikram’s car. He is with his dad. Vadahi sees his dad. Vadahi says Vikram with him? She drops her bag. She recalls she was in her house. She recalls Agarwal asking her dad to not give deision against him. Agarwal said my son’s life would be ruined. Vadahi’s father said I will give whatever decision I want. Agarwal grasps his shoulder. Vadahi’s father said I will call police. Vikram took agarwal from there. Vadahi says so vikram did this all because of him? He did this because he is son of that man. Its about time you answer my questions Vikram.

Scene 2
Simar is working in kitchen. She recalls what happened with Vadahi. Simar says where she would have gone. My heart still says she is innocent but this situation I can’t do anything. Piyush says someone tried to trap him and I doubt its KB. PAri and KB are overhearing. Kb says wow. Both son and mother are accusing me. SImar says we are not doing anything? Kb says don’t lie in my face. pari says what proof do you have? Piyush says why do we even need one? Simar says I agree Khushi didn’t like Vadhi but she won’t do this. Let this go until Anjali’s wedding. Got it Piyush? Piyush says yes.

Vikram says to everyone we are all so tired. Let me bring water for everyone. Vadhai comes in and slaps him. Everyone is dazed. Tao ji asks who are you? Vadahi says why don’t you ask your son? Saroj says what is she saying? Vadahi says can’t tell? Let me tell you. My name is Vadahi’s saksena. I am the girl your son ruined. Agarwal recalls Judge saksena. Vadahi tells them everything Vikram did. Vadhai says I have lost everything. Because of your son. Saroj says Vikram what is she saying? Answer me. I am asking you something. Is she right? Agarwal says she is right. You still didn’t get it? She is justice Saksena’s daughter. Vikram did this to avenge what happened to me. Tao ji says how can you do this vikram? Vadhi says I have been asking that. What was my mistake? She asks Agarwal what was my mistake? What was my father’s mistake? He did his job. He punished a culprit. Vikram shouts my dad isn’t a culprit. He was innocent. Your dad only wanted proofs. Vadahi says he was bound by law. Vikrma says law was blind and so was your dad. After that day I never saw my dad sleeping well. All my happiness was over. He payed for the sin he never did and his depression got him a paralysis attack. A walking man was turned into a wheel chair bound. Vadhai says law isn’t blind. you are blind Vikram. Law and justice, you can’t hide your sins in their name. but enough now. I wont’ stay quite. I will tell simar aunty everything and won’t let you marry Anjali.

Precap-Prem says to Anjali I got something for you. He shows her the bridal dress. Anjalu says this is so pretty dad. She is in tears. Prem makes her wear its dupatta and says thats my princess. Anjali hugs him. Piyush and simar are watching as well. Simar gets a call from someone. She is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Anjali is getting better day by day

  2. yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!! Me too feels like that. She will feel her mother’s love soon and reunite with her.

    But why you don’t show Sanju and Sid till now?????????

    They are not important for baradwaj’s even Anjali’s wedding is gong on??????

    Please bring back Sanju and Sid Quick……….

    i am very eagerly waiting to see them with all baradwaj’s. if you have any chance please bring back My doll Roli also……… Because without roli simar is incomplete even Anjali also.

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