Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amar says the rays you stroke us with will kill you. Maani says I need help. Sujata says no one will help you. This is your consequence. Simar says we can’t leave her like that. We have to help her out. Prem says what are you saying. Simar says what she did was due to vengeace. Mata ji says she might harm us again. Prerna says this might change her. Goodness kills evil. Simar says she is in pain. We have to help her out. There should be a difference between her and us. SImar says amar take her to her room. Amar does. Mata ji prays for her family. She says take care of my family God.
Maani is in balcony. She sees moon on wheelchair and tries to gain energy from it.Prerna says she can move at least now. Maani stands up simar and prerna smile. Maani says what are you made of?

I did so wrong with you. i don’t deserve your forgiveness. If you.. forgive me. Simar says don’t do all that. Get better.

Prerna says I didn’t get one thing. How did you get so hurt? Maani says in chandar lok promise matters a lot. I didn’t keep my promise I made to simar so I am being punished. I can never go back to chandar lok. I have lost my powers. Simar says don’t be disheartened. There must be a way. Maani says yes there is one. Maani says but that way.. it is too difficult. Simar says tell me. Maybe I can help.. Mata ji and family come and say no simar. For humanity we all saved her. She will cover rest of the journey herself. Maani says i felt first time like I shouldn’t have done this. Mata ji says no one else forced you to do that. Maani says there was.. Everyone is dazed. Maani says that woman with ghunghat. Simr says what.Maani says she had tied me up. She was making me do this. she is shaitan’s follower.I can never go back to chandar lok again. Mataji says you can saty here till you are okay but after that you have to leave this house.

Maani is in her room at night. She comes out.Maani says who is there? She falls down. Simar is in kitchen. The woman in ghughat comes with a dagger. She is about to stab. Maani comes in front. Simar sees all this. The woman runs. Everyone comes in. simar tells them what happned. They take maani to room.

Maani wakes up in her bed and screams. Simar asks what happened. She says let me bring water. She says I don’t drink water. Don’t go anywhere. Go to that jungle. Black jungle. Simar says where is it? Maani tells her and says you shouldn’t go there. Your family doesn’t want you to. Simar says its not that far. I will come back before everyone wakes up. Simar says what will I have to do there? She says in back side there is a cave. There is a pearl only that pearl can help me out. Simar says okay. she leaves. Simar sneaks out of the house. Simar reaches the jungle. Simar says I don’t get anything. She sees spark among stones. Simar says is that the pearl? She hits the stones on it. Someone shouts in anger. Its a baba. Simar is scared and shocked. Baba says how dare you. You ruined my tappasia. Simar says baba.. he says shut up. You know it lasted for 500 years and you ruined everything. You will be punished for this. SImar says I came here for that pearl. I didn’t intend to ruin your tappasia. He says you are punnished for deeds not intentions. Now get ready for the consequence.

Baba is doing pooja and a bee is there flying around him.

Precap-Mata ji asks maani where have you sent simar? Maani says I have changed. Prem says we can never trust you tell us where is simar. Simar says I am here. they all turn back.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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