Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th May 2013 Written Update

Khushi is throwing all the stuff around. Sid comes and sees Prem and Simar’s photo on the floor. He asks her, why did you throw this? She says, this room is mine.. so I need to get rid off useless stuff. Mataji says, this is our Prem and Simar’s room.. and legally we still have one more day. Khushi says I am just cleaning my room. They argue. Khushi laughs and says, you all will be on the road very soon and I will be rule this house. Sid is getting angry but his family members control him. Mataji says, we shouldn’t wait for Prem and Simar.. we should pack their stuff.

Prem tells Simar to go to mandir and until then he will do some arrangements and see what’s situation at highway. Simar says, I don’t want to go mandir.. there’s no reason.. she tells him to go and she will

wait outside mandir. Prem leaves. Simar looks at mandir and says in her mind, I prayed and had faith in you (God), but you still took away Roli from me. Until you don’t justify yourself, I won’t step in the mandir.

Khushi and Veeru come downstairs. They don’t see anyone and it’s very quiet. Khushi wonders where they went. She then sees them praying and tells Veeru to go and ask how they feeling. She tells him, this time we just completely shocked them.. they will remember this forever. They go and interrupt their pray. She asks what is this? You join hands to mataraji every single day. You do mistakes and make mataraji pay for that. Let matarani rest too. Khushi then tells Mataji, this matarani won’t listen to your prayer anymore.. because this house and this mandir is no longer yours.. she will listen to me, not you “Budhiya”. Mataji says, I am feeling sorry for you.. for God.. everyone is same. Khushi gets irritating from her lecture. She asks everyone to leave from there. Mataji doesn’t move. She asks her, didn’t you hear what I said? Move from my way.. she tries to push her, but Sid stops her and asks, else what? Don’t you dare.. This is enough.. if you again behave like this with mataji then it won’t be good for you. We still have one day left. He asks Veeru, right? That is what your lawyer said, right? Sid tells Khushi, if you try to come in my family’s way until, then I will file case against you. Khushi gets angry, but Veeru calms her down and says whether they stay here or in their rooms, they will still be crying. Khushi and Veeru leave.

Prem returns and doesn’t find Simar there. He tries to call, but Simar is not picking up.

Mataji, and Prem’s parents are having a discussion. Prem’s father says he will do some arrangements. Mataji says, I am not worried about that.. I just want Simar and Prem to be here before we leave this house. Sujata calls Prem and tells him that they have to leave this house by tomorrow and they are waiting for them. Prem says, road is blocked here.. as soon as it gets clear we will leave from there. Sujata asks about Simar and Prem is quiet. She asks him if everything is fine. Mataji gets worried. Prem doesn’t know what to tell Sujata.. he then just says, Simar is fine and hangs up. Mataji asks Sujata what happened. Sujata says, he was saying they are fine.. but I think Prem is hiding something from us. Mataji and Prem’s father tell her not to worry.. they would be fine.

A boy is announcing and inviting everyone to see Jhumki’s dance. Simar also comes there and sees board in boy’s hand which says “Jhumki Ka Jalwa”. Boy says only 5 minutes left and leaves from there. Simar realizes it’s same boy as yesterday.

Jhumki is dancing on street and entertaining everyone. A boy is collecting money. Simar goes to look whats happening. After a while, she finally sees her face and gets surprised and shocked. She remembers her Roli dancing similarly. She screams ROLI. And Jhumari turns back and looks at her.

No precap…

Update Credit to: Shreya

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