Sasural Simar Ka 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Malti says challenge accpeted. Lets see if my powers win or your shallow faith. Sanyu says you have no idea how powerful Mata rani’s blessings are. If you have that and family, you win ultimately. And your time has started. Go find it.
Pari sees her ownself in the air, with a bruise on her forehead. She is scared. She checks the mirror and says I am here then who was that? she turns back, malit is there. Pari screams. She says save me. Simar comes and says why are you so scared. Pari tells her everything. Simar says this is just an illusion. Pari says I am so scared. sanyu says please calm down. They hear someone else scream. They run towards the room. Its Karuna. SImar says chahchi its me what happened? Karuna shows her the mirror. Something is written there with blood,

it says death is near. Karuna says I came out and saw this. I am so scared.

Malti and madhvi are looking for maani. They throw away everything. Madhvi says we didn’t find anything. We don’t have much time. What should we do? Malti says one more room. They come to prem’s room and throttle him with a rope. Prem says leave me. They leave and close the door. Malti and madhvi look everywhere in simar’s room.
Mata ji says what have they done to our house. what are they looking for? Simar says calm down. Its just about tonight. then everything will be okay.

madhvi says its nowhere. Should we seek help from kaal pisaj? Malti says he will punish us both. We have only one way. We have to get it somehow. Simar comes to her room and says you don’t have any place in this house now.
Simar places a box in locker. Malti and madhvi see her.
Malti says simar you have made that symbol there so we can’t touch it? Doesn’t matter. You will open it yourself. Before I freak out open it. Why do you wanna die? Simar says if you kill me who will give you maani? Malti says this is the last warning. Otherwise someone from your family has to die. Simar says if you could you would have harmed them but you can’t. God is protecting them. Malti says you are playing with fire. Simar says because it is burning my house. Malti says now you see what I do. Every hour someone from your family will die. I will kill your whole family. You don’t have much time. Simar says okay I will give you. She takes a box our form locker.
Malti opens it she throw it back. Simar says I told you it doesn’t have what you are looking for. Malti says you have cheated me. You wasted my time. Simar says you deserve this. Your time to go is close.

Malti says to mata ji I came to punish you but this simar, she played game with me. She is so clever. Simar says get out from here now. Mata ji says what promise? What is going on? How are they ready to leave the house? simar says mata ji I will explain everything once they leave. I wont bear them here for a moment. Malti and madhvi leave. Karuna says thank God. What happened simar? Simar says give me a moment. Simar puts sindur on the gate. Prem says how did they leave? SImar says they have left for now. We have to make sure they don’t come back in. Put this sindur in every corner of the house. Roli says please tell did how they left? Simar says wait a minute.
Simar comes in terrace. She sees tulsi plant there. The chandan maani is there.

Precap-Simar says this chandan maani was given by devika. Because this should not go in evil hands. Mata ji says you saved this and your family. Malti comes back in and says only your simar is not clever.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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