Sasural Simar Ka 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says where is roli? Mausi ji says i told you we these sisters will play a game with us. Rajveer says tell me or i will leak that CD right now.
Mausi ji says roli has gone to her mom’s place, her mom is not well. Mausi ji says oh we should go there as well. Mausi ji says rajveer go rajveer and take simar with you. Rajveer says simar lets go, you will meet your mom and we will know. mata ji says simar wont go with rajveer. Mausi ji says you have no choice? or that CD.. rajveer says we have to leave right now simar. There wont be any traffic and we will reach there by 3:30.

Rajeshwari says its not a sin to lie, its a sin to get caught and still lie. now tell me what are you both doing here together? how are you two related and what game are you playing behind

my back. She checks the phone and says rajveer? I heard you talking to rajveer. you pretended to be me. i heard what you stopped him from. Now if you dont tell em truth i will tell rajveer that you called.

Rajveer says you house is here simar? She gets out of the car. The door is locked, rajveer says your mom and roli neither are here. Tell me where are they? what game are you playing with? amar comes disguised as an old man. He says you are here simar? your mom didn’t even tell me you were coming, don’t worry i am here. simar is trying to comprehend who is he? she realizes its amar. simar says chachi ji where have they gone? he says your mom is not well, roli came here. He says your mom was not well so roli took her to mathura. There is a saint there, she will be okay, roli says i hope that is the truth. simar says when will they return? Amar says maybe tomorrow. Rajveer says so this is proved that roli came here.

Simar calls roli, rajeshwari asks roli to attend it. Simar says i am at our maa’s place. you took maa with you? Roli says when i came she wasn’t well. i have brought her here. Rajveer says make me talk to maa. i wana ask her how she is. Roli says right now.. Rajeshwari takes the phone. She says simar beta.. She says i am fine now. you don’t have to worry about me. roli is here with me, i will talk to you tomorrow. rajveer says you saved your family, your maa is with roli. simar wonders how she made maa talk? Rajveer says lets go simar.
Rajeshwari says after the call i dont do things without intentions now tell me after what plan are you both here?

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. 15jun: rajeshwari questions rosid about their relationship. simar and rajveer meet amar disguised a watchmanwho tells them that roli has taken her mother to mathura to see a doctor.
    16jun: rajkumari tells sid he must kill roli if she fails in her mission, later she asks rajveer to get her the naaagmani the next day simar informs roli that rajveer plans to leave jaipur
    17jun:mataji intentionally cuts herself and gives the knife to a confused mj. maya tells mj that amar has already told the police that if mataji were to get hurt.mj is to be held responsible.
    18jun: amar tells mj that the inspector is his friend and that he has to power to label her offence a non-bialable one. simar also tells that rajveer would never use the mani in public.
    19jun: mataji is upset when she hears that pari informed rajveer about mj’s arrest. rajveer gives the mani to rajkumari safe -keeping and tells sid to keep an eye on it.
    20jun: rosid plan’s to enter rajkumari’s room one of the theives hide roli and sid from sevak and tells them that sevak is a police officer in disguise.

  2. ssk spolier. naag and naagin are nowhere in simar’s house. sid and roli are trying to save naag mani, and trying to hide from ranisa., but the moment she knew it, she came to them holding sword, and attacks them. they steal the naagmani from ranisa haveli,to prevent her from misusing it. roli doesn’t know how to rescue sid . ranisa attacks sid with sword, but roli holds the sword to stop her. sid gets unconscious and the track brings some action , as roli and ranisa will fight with each other.

  3. Wow thanks sandya….

  4. Well todays episode was nice…..amar roli did well and rajkumari spoke well as roli’s mom

  5. Whoa this serial is getting interesting but what about simar and prems relationship? And rosid should get married again when they get home and premar should too – I think

  6. attempt murder mj and rajveer to be jailed in ssk:
    though we thought that by this time viewers have had enough dose drama of ssk it seems that we were wrong as the makers are in no mood to stop.
    the latest biggest drama in the show was mahabharat plot, where simar was put at stake by prem in a card game, to win back bharadwaj clan’s property from rajveer, but, now we hear that the time will change for bharadwaj family as they will regain their property.
    a source shared, while simar and her family will try their level best to win back, the property rights from rajveer by tricking him. rajveer will also fall for their trap and will endup signing the wrong papers. and after this mistake mj and rajveer completely ruined.
    our source added ” as the mother son duo will irritated with their own foolishness , simar with the help of maya will trick them some more. while in one hand maya will cast a spell on mausiji , and under its influence mausiji will try to kill mataji, and on the other simar will call the police force, who will be witness the act. as a result of this mausiji and rajveer will be put behind bars., much relief to the bharadwaj family”
    with this we hear the track of mausiji and rajveer will be put on hold for some more time and much attention will be given to other plots.
    we tried reaching the actors for a comment but they remained unavailable.
    keep reading for more updates

  7. is roli survive sid from rajkumari ah? how they will save naag mani and them selfs from rajkumari?

  8. mj rajveer toh achha kaha two sisters are for seeing innocent but they are very dangarous and us se war karke use harana mushkil hai… wah mausiji aapne sach kaha… good very nice and aap toh darh rahe hai rosim se..

  9. Nice epsd yaar thnx dr sandhya fr the spoilers…keep going rosiddd….

  10. Wat is this ?is rajkumari a +ve charecter or a -ve one? confused y did she help roli? and again asked sid to kill her? but track is getting some interesting story and well done amar pari i hate u so selfish kushi ki sachai kab ayega bahar? any guesses guys?

  11. what you thinks guys is rajveer also gets jailed or only mj behind bars? plz anyone reply me.. plz.. both gets jailed ah//? actually we heard and in onlocation gave only mj behind bars to try to kii attempt mataji.. wat u think guys?

  12. I think amar and simar plan to trap rajveer and they not let rajeveer to come out . they might kidnap him and hide him somewhere while he’s returning from jaipur. as he doesnt have mani with him he have no choice to escape . there roli and sid will win over rajkumari and get the mani with them . what u think guys? is this going to happen?

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