Sasural Simar Ka 15th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mataji slaps samir and says all businesses are based on trust. You have cheated. You have not deceived us. We kept you here like a family. We gave you place in our heart. Simar says he is an outsider our own daughter has done this. It is my mistake. Parents are responsible. Anjali says this is my win and i earned it. You should be happy i am not a fool like you. Simar slaps her. Anjali says enough. You cant slap me or my husband. Enough i wont tolerate anymore. Roshni says you should be in jail for what you did. Arav says i will call police. Anjali says go outside then call. This is my house gert out. Everyone is dazed. She says you just signed the papers. This house is mine and my husband’s. pack your stuff and get put. I dont want to see these faces.
Simar says are you out of your

mind we are your family. Anjali says the family that hates me. You all never cared for me.
Mataji says you did so manu mistakes but we never did anything like this. Mataji says you never considered me a daughter. She shoves mataji and says get out. Simar and roshni hold mataji. Arav says have some shame. How can you be so heartless. She says oh right i am giving you an hour. Pack your stuff and arrange something. Ananiya says samir please tell anjali this is wrong. Samir says she is right anjali you can’t do this. We will let them love here today but tomorrow you all have to go. Anjali says no i cant put up with them for more than an hour. Thats final.

Mata is in her and crying. Mataji says we lived for this day. Uma says we have always lived in this house. Arav says this is my mistake. Samir got this power because of the deal. Mataji says no he had no conscience its not your mistake. Is anjali who has done this to us. How can we blame an outsider.

Samir says wow anjai you are a genius. I’m impressed. Anjali says they have always insulted me. Its my turn now. Sanju had to see her worth. And showed my family what i am capable of you. Third i got you. Samir says what. She says if I wasn’t your 50% partner you would have kicked me out too. Samir says wow you are great.

Simar is sobbig she says neither prem is with me nor my kids. Anjali has ruined us and piyush doesn’t even want to talk. Roshni comes there.
Simar is looking at her old family photo. She says i have lost everything. She packs her stuff. Anjali says hurry up everyone. Mataji says shame on you anjali. Anjali says why didn’t you cry when vikram kicked me out. Mataji says because you were wrong that day too. She says you always thought that but i won. Mataji says very good. You lost relations and family. You are poor. You will regret. Anjali drags her and shoves her put of house. Piyush holds her. Everyone is dazed. Anjali now what are you here for. Piyush says you crossed the limit you shouldn’t have. Its their house and they will live here. Anjali says according to law this is my house. I decide who lives here. Piyush says i am also talking about law. This is court’s stay order. Anjli says what the hell.

Precap-anjali says i dont agree on this . Samir says this is law we cant stand against it. Piyush says this is our battle and we will fight

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am proud of you Piyush. Anjali has proven that she has Khushi’s blood and upbringing. Khushi did the same thing in the start of the serial

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