Sasural Simar Ka 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Siamr comes in asks karthik if he wants something. Jhanvi thinks that voice is just like simar’s Karthik says I am interviewing someone. Simar says okay I won’t disturb you. Karthik says sorry you had to wait. he starts asking jhanvi different question and tells her that she is selected. He says I will mail you the appointment letter and you have to join from tomorrow. jahnvi is so happy. he says okay see you soon.

Simar calls roli and asks her what to do now ? roli tell her that the wedding is planned after one month. simar cried listening to that. roli says he is yours and he will always be. I will not let that happen. roli says I need your help in all this. she says I have meet you. siamr says is there some café nearby ? come there. simar says yeah I can come.

they plan on meeting in half an hour.

Scene 2
Roli goes to khushi and surbhi they are both ready to go for shopping. Surbhi says why aren’t you ready roli? Khushi says we are late already. Roli says I can’t come with you two. I am not feeling well. I better rest here. Khushi says but how will we go without you. surbhi says she is not well let her rest.

Scene 3
jhanvi tells everyone about the interview and that she has cleared. Mata ji asks when did you go ? SHe says I gave the interview on webcam. jahnvi says I am the head nurse of navjevan hospital now. Roli says oh wow roli will be so happy to know about navjeevan. Jhanvi tells that she will be joining from tomorrow.

Scene 4
Roli is waiting for simar in the café. siamr comes roli gets bit emotional to see her. roli hugs her. They are both in tears. Simar asks roli is she fine ? Roli says yes I am. roli says didi we have to find the truth of sunnaina’s death through kathiuk. simar says we don’t have time. We have to pressure him somehow and there can be only one kind of pressure, sunnaina. roli says yeah for tonight sunnaina has to come. Only she can bring the truth out from karthik’s heart. roli says just keep the main door open I will handle the rest. simar says how will you do all this alone ? What if something messes up. roli says everything will be fine. Sins will never leave karthik we need to show him the mirror. simar says how will you do this alone ? Whats your whole plan ? roli says this is joint plan of me and aditi. She is helping me. Simar says yeah let he come and we will decide what to do next ? Vikran comes and says what are you deciding sunnaina ? Roli and simar are dazed to see him there. They stand up. Simar says vikran why are you here ? He says I came for meeting. his PA sasy client is calling he asks him to go there. Vikran asks roli why are you here with sunnaina ? Roli says wow I met her first and then you. I am staying in a nearby hotel I was coming for coffee here and found sunnaina jee on the way. So we came here for coffee, I forced her to come with me. Vikran says coincidence wow. You returned karthik’s box then you met sunnaina and now I came here too. Isn’t that too much of coincidence. Roli says I have to leave now. She says to simar thanks for coffee. She is about to go out, vikran says roli. siamr and roli are shocked that he knows her name. vikran says in hart world runs with mind not coincidence. I figured when I saw you with her that she is your sister roli bharadwaj. Simar thinks I guess he has figured out why did roli turn. What will happen now. She prays to God to save her. Roli comes to vikran. simar wonders why is she coming back.

no precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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