Sasural Simar Ka 15th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1:-
The episode starts with a man telling roli to eat food in 5 mins or he would take the food. Roli is sad and crying. Sidharth is sleeping and he gets up shouting roli. He takes roli’s photo and says that she has made him very alone and why did she leave him? He says that now your siddharth is doing more wrong to her by getting married to jhumki and giving roli’s place to someone else. And says he is very sorry and he has to get married to jhumki to save mataji’s life. Roli and siddharth get flashback of each other spending romantic times with each other. Roli and siddharth thinking about each other. Music plays in background kitni yaadein. Roli is crying and while sleeping says siddharthji . Which siddharth is able to hear.

Part 2:-
Its morning and puja

is going in the bhardwaj house. Simar prays and says today she needs mata rani’s aashirwad so that she can save bantu. Jhumki prays and says that she needs mata rani to be with her and simar to save bantu. Mataji says that now we all should go to mandir as panditji is waiting there. Simar tells jhumki that remember after coming from temple at 7 pm they have leave to the old bhardwaj house property. While mataji is going she is about to faint when everyone holds her. Prem calls the doctor and says that mataji’s health is not proper. Mataji says no need to call the doctor as she is fine and they should leave as panditji might be waiting for aarti. Mausiji says they wont leave her in this condition and says that they shall go in the evening to mandir and they will get maha aarti in the evening. Simar and roli are tensed as what to do cause they have to reach to the haveli at 7 pm and if they go to haveli then how will they go. Simar says she has a plan.

Part 3:-
Mausiji tells mataji to rest. Mataji see’s simar and roli and asks them to come and sit with her.Mataji apologizes saying that because of her the marriage is not happening and she is feeling very sad. Roli says that no need to say like this but simar says that tell mataji the truth. Then simar smiles and says there is nothing to worry about its just that their roli has planned a surprise for them.Simar takes permission from mataji saying that need to make some preparations for their surprise so they will meet them directly at 7 pm to the temple. Then mataji grants them permission. Simar says in her mind that their surprise is getting bantu safely to them. Simar and jhumki reach to the haveli and roli is also present there. The man who is there in the haveli goes out for 1 hour. Jhumki is scared and syas that they should go from there what if a ghost comes there. Simar tells her not to get scared and come with her. Roli is shown unconscious. Simar says that there is something there that is pulling her towards the house but does not what it is. The episode ends on simar’s tensed face.

Precap:- Simar is right infront of roli’s room and is about to open the door. And roli is struggling to make noises so that someone helps her.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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