Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji says enter the house devika. She takes devika and prem to temple.
Patali is screaming. She says i have to get that ring. She goes towards simar.
Prem and devika do the pooja.
Patali says i have to get that locket from simar’s neck.
Patali takes the ocket from simar.
Mata ji asks devika to touch the walls of temple. devika does that.
Devika says its about time patali should face real patali devi.

Sujata calls her. she says i am fine, its cold that is why i sound like this.pari says why didn’t you tell her truth. roli says i can’t tell her that. She can’t bear all this. Karuna says yeah you better not tell her. what will happen to her when she sees simar this way.

Devika comes to patali. She says what

happened gaitri. Are you powers not working. where is your ring? patali says you better now mess with me. devika says now you should know i wont let that happen. You better leave simar didi.
simar gets up and sees devika in her room. Simar laughs. She says what happened devika? Are you shocked? What you thought you will stop me this way? Till I am done i wont leave simar. Devika says gaitri you have to leave simar. And i will break her free from you. I couldn’t face you till now but now i am married and i have those powers from me. I will put an end to you. Patali’s hands are blackened. Devika says

Devika says first i need to know aht gaitri is thinking now. Khushi says i kept an eye on simar. But she is not in her room. I looked everywhere for her. Mata ji says where can she go devika? Devika says i know where she has gone. Prem says where? Devika says she has gone to find a solution so she can attack us with dual power. She has went to patal’s fire. If she is successful then all her powers will be back. This all will go in vain. Khushi says no. What should we do now. Devika says we have to stop her from going to patal’s fire. Mata ji says we have to and find her. roli comes and says where has didi gone? Has she left the house? Rajhinder says where is she mata ji? Mata ji says i know you hold me responsible for this. I will tell you everything on time. but right now we have to find simar. sid says she must have gone to her mom. roli says no one is home. devika says patal’s fire.

Simar is walking in dark. Roli says tell us what all this is? Is siamr’s life in danger? Prem says roli we will talk about that later. He says devika where is it? Devika says there is a jungle and amid it is the patal’s fire. It has been burning for years. Khushi says how will we reach there?
Simar is walking in the jungle.She comes near fire.

Roli, prem, mata ji, sid and devika are in jungle. roli says why would simar come here? mata ji says dont waste time and look for her.
Everyone in the house is worried. Karuna says please take care of simar God. I hope she comes back. devika says we have to reach there asap. Simar is near the fire. She is about to jump. They are all shocked.

Precap-roli throws devika out of house. She says you dont deserve to stay in the house. Mata ji says its not devika’s misatke roli. Please stop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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