Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th January 2013 Written Update

Roli is to get sig from sid and on the other hand that monster is going to get sign from billo and get property in his name. Roli is crying seeing Divorce agreement in her hand…and she has flashbacks of sid and roli’s cute moments!!! Roli says i love sid a lot and i cant even think of separating from him. How can Veeru even think he will separate me and sid. I wont let that happen..NEVER. I have already hurt sid a lot before. NO. What does Veeru think…i will do whatever Veeru says i will do.. I will give these divorce paper back to veeru in pieces…and as she was about to tear them…her inner self tells her to stop and think how billu and veeru has pestered her and her family…by decieving they took everything away from u guys…even simar’s child. and roli has a flashback of billu telling the family they are going to live in the store room and billu taking simar’s child away!! mataji being pushed to floor. She says i know this decision is not easy but dont forget that by this decision everyone is connected. and the sacrifies u have made to come up to here..all will be wasted and what about that child..her future. Would u ur whole life be able to see her suffer. U are very near winning…so be sensible..and then decide…as it may affect ur family and the small child. and she thinks wat about sid. cause of me he is already upset…and after seeing divorce papers…i might lose him forever. i promised to be with him his whole life…how can i break that promise. wife and hbby relationship is based on trust and i wont break. Ur sid will never leave u…but in fact after finding the truth he will love u more. Roli says i trust sid more then myself…but i have no strenght to take the divorce papers in front of him and what will family say …what will i answer. I cant do this. she says this is test for me…and whatever decision i take…u have to think. Roli thinks i dont know what to do…matarani show me a way.

manoranjan and all ladies come and they are making preparations for sankarat. til ke ladoo. and recalling the past…and roli listening to all this. then all ladies go to explain the meaning of uttarayan!!! Roli thinking i have to tell masi about veeru’s condition. mataji still talking about uttarayan meaning and stuff. uma says who cant give any daan this time. and mataji says no…we will still do daan in this situation…then mataji sees roli and she looks annoyed!! roli thinks until i dont speak to masi let me hide these papers and she hides them under a flower pot and simar sees her but roli doesnt see her. then simar is called and roli sees her and thinks did didi see me hiding the papers!! but simar goes away from there. and simar goes to the ladies with the til. roli goes to get manoranjan and mataji and family looks at her and she stops. and roli goes back!! and manoranjan thinks my roli looks disturb..but the family is also behaving rudely with her. masi was about to go to roli but stops herself and thinks family is around i cant go. Roli is thinking pls look at me masi…pls…one time. simar is thinking why is roli looking at masi like this like she wants to talk to her. roli is thinking masi is not looking at me cause of everyone.. i will send her a sms on her mobile. so she will meet me on the terrace once everyone leaves. simar is still looking at her and roli leaves. simar’s mom in law is saying i know simar u r feeling bad and i also feel bad seeing her standing alone. as she is not just ur sister but also my DIL.. but this is the right way to make her realize. uma says roli has to suffer for her mistake. now are u with ur sister or ur family. Veeru is looking at papers of property and thinks this money changes everything. once billu signs this papers my life will change and after that..this world will be in my hands and roli in my arms. and laughs!!! now as soon as roli signs divorce papers me and roli will be together. Billu says u want my sign…and veeru turns around and looks at her all worried.

Precap – masi giving roli lecture on dharm yudh…and advise her to sign the papers

Update Credit to: kasrana

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