Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Simar fixes Piyush and Avni’s marriage

Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prem telling Simar that he would have felt good if she comes with him. She says she will come next time. Piyush sees Simar stitching button to Prem’s suit. He checks his shirt and goes to Avni. Bhairavi tells Sameer that she wants to talk to him about Sanjana. Sanjana hears her and thinks she is complaining about her. Bhairavi asks them to go out for some days. Sameer says idea is good. Sanjana comes. Bhairavi says I will serve. Sanjana says she don’t want to go. Sameer gets call and leave. Sanjana asks Bhairavi to tell what is her plan? She says you can fool him and not me. Bhairavi says I don’t know what is the misunderstanding which you have and says she don’t want to make their relation bad.

Sanjana hears a man voice calling her name repeatedly. She comes to Bhairavi’s room, but sees her hearing something using headphone. She comes to hall and looks for the tape. She faints and falls down unconscious. A man comes there.

Piyush comes to Avni and tells her that all his shirt buttons is broken. He asks her to stitch his shirt button. Avni stitches button to his shirt and says she will bring scissor. Piyush asks her to bite thread with her teeth. She cuts the thread. Door bell rings. Avni runs to open the door and sees Rahul standing. She hides mangalsutra. Avni asks why did you come here? Simar says she called him and asks Rahul to come. Simar thinks may be mummy did something. Piyush asks Avni to tie shirt button. Man comes near Sanjana, but hides seeing Sameer coming back. Sameer comes and sees her unconscious on floor. Bhairavi takes off head phone. Sameer calls her. Bhairavi is shocked and calls Doctor. Avni asks Hema why did she call Rahul. Hema says she thought about her marriage with him. Avni gets happy and hugs her. Simar talks to Rahul and asks his opinion about Avni. She asks if Avni is ready to marry. He says yes. Simar says she plans her wedding. Rahul thinks Simar is talking about his marriage and gets happy. Simar asks him to stay there till marriage.

Avni tells Piyush about love and says it happens just like that and only one understands it who is in love. Piyush smiles.

Piyush and Rahul propose Avni on Valentine’s day. Avni gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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