Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 15th February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Billo says to Sonia don’t consider this a jail. Think like you are on a holiday. Sonia says I won’t leave you. She says stop being angry i am not your enemy I just have to fix some old issues that I had with bharadwajs’. I will leave you once its done. Till then you will be served with this driver. Its up to you if you stay here like a detainee or consider this your home. It’d be better if you stay calm. Billo wears the mask and says looks like your questions have ended. Let me get you your food. Sonia says what has bharadwaj’s done to you ? Billo says that’s a long story will tell you some other time. Sonia says you won’t ever be successful. Billo says there is no one to help you here. Sonia tries to suffocate her but she escapes and says if you ever

do this again your husband to be Sankalp and his family will pay for it.

Scene 2
Billo gets out of the car and sees in the mirror that her mask has been damaged from around the neck. She wonders what to do now. She tries to hide it from the corner of her sarri. She enters the living room where Simar is sitting with Anjali. She says they will doubt if I go in like this. Simar says to Ajali i will be back in a moment, i am getting you your biscuits. Sonia runs in the house but Simar stops her. She asks are you done with your work ? Sonia says yes its done. i have selected some sarris for you. sonia says my sarri is a bit loose i will be back once i get it set.

Scene 3
Sonia enters the room and is happy to find that Sankalp is not there. She locks the door she gets the mask off and sees the cut on it. its a rather larger one. She wonders what can be done now. Only the person who made this can fix it. Roli knocks the door and asks her to come downstairs. Mata ji is calling her. She says she will be there in a few moments. Billo calls again. She says where were you. Can you please come.

Scene 4
Mata ji shows everyone the jewelry she has bought as a gift for sonia. Everyone likes it a lot. Billo comes downstairs with her face covered with something black material. Everyone is dazed to see her this way. She looks horrible. Everyone stands up. Mausi ji starts laughing and so does everyone. Sonia turns on the other side. Simar asks whats this ? Sonia says actually doctor asked me its because of make up skin has got allergic. Mata ji says you can be here just the way you want. Mata ji gives her the set she says this is your gift for wedding. She says Mata ji its the time to apply the other cream can i go to my room? Mata ji says sure. Mausi ji says i have to meet her doctor. i will tell her our home made skin treatments.
Verma aunty comes in and says we want to come for the ritual of munh dikhai. We will be here around 8 pm for it. Mata ji says actually we didn’t plan it because Sankalp and Sonia wanted the wedding to be simple. Mata ji says okay we will be arranging all this for your happiness.

Precap- Sonai has got boby in the her room, the one who made the mask. She says its unable to fix it in one hour. Billo says please i have only one hour. Boby says okay I will try. One hour has past and billo is waiting for boby to come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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