Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says you had problem with me since day one and when you couldn’t control me you are using this black magic. Virkam says what are you saying. Taoji says what are you saying? Anjali says I saw her taking this from guru ji. Saroj says there is no such thing. Anjali says swear on Vikram that you didn’t take this cloth from Guru ji. Saroj says I did but.. Anjali says whats left to hear? Saroj says you know me vikram. I can never do this. Anjali says we know your truth.

Roshni says i will ask Piyush to spend time with me. Kb comes and says thats impossible. She says Piyush must have made his schedule with Vadhai. Roshni says he doesn’t work with schedule. He only listens to me. I am his best friend. KB says but people change. Roshni says I will show you

he will spend his whole day with me.
Vaadhai and Piyush are discussing designs. She says no more work. You will go out with me. He says you are so childish. Piyush gets a call he goes out. Roshni says to Vadhai why you look so tired. If you don’t rest you will get dark circles. She says work is important too. Roshni says its important then you do it, give piyush a break. Its okay till professional life but you are taking his personal time as well. Piyush comes in and says vadhai designer called and said.. Vadhia says we will do it tomorrow. I am tired. Piyush says did roshni say that? She is free but we are not. Vadhi says no I am tired. I am going to sleep. You go out with roshni.
Roshni says to Piyush lets go we will watch movie and have dinner. They leave. KB looks in.

Simar mataji and prem come to anali’s house. Anjali shows them that Saroj puts magic stuff in her room. Anjali says she doesn’t like me. Saroj says there wasn’t this in my bundle. Khushi says so is anjali mad?KB says what you mean? We want to know. I am so dazed. How can you listen to her. She did magic on Anjali. what if something had happened to my doll. Saroj says simar ji trust me. Vikram and anjali are both my kids you saw. Anjali says you show something else and do something else. You had a reason to do this. You dislike me. She wants to seek revenge of what happened at the wedding. You want to part me and Vikram. Saroj says no there is no such thing. you provoke him against me all the time. You mixed hair in the meal I made. You make fuss of my little mistakes. So I stoop low in Vikram’s eyes.
Prem says how can you do this to anjali? SAroj says I can not imagine doin this. Simar says I never thought you would do this. Sometimes we go beyond limits. I saw everything with my own eyes. How can you do this? We gave you our daughter. You said you will teach her. Agrwal says I apologize on Saroj’s behalf and no such thing would happen again. Prem says this won’t happen again because I am taking anjali with me. Everyone is dazed. Anjali says in heart I can’t leave vikram alone. Vikram says this won’t happen again because I will leave this house with anjali forever. Saroj cries and says how can you do this? Please don’t leave us. Vikram steps back. Vikram says if you love me so much then Anjali is my life. How can I love someone who does this to my wife? Saroj says in heart I can’t lose my son. Vikram says you wanna say something? Saroj says I want to say that whatever happened it was all my mistake and I apologize for it. Please pardon me. Anjali I apologize you as well. Anjali says tai ji you said accepting a mistake is more important than apology. You realized your mistake thats enough for me. I forgive you. Amar says I think we should leave. Prem says to Vikram I am leaving anjali here because I see true love for her in your eyes. Take care anjali. They leave.

SAroj gives tao jo milk. He says I am sleeping in sanjev’s room. You have shaken my trust. I can’t live here in this room. He leaves. Saroj says please listen to me. Vikram goes in his room as well.
Prem caresses simar’s face and says don’t worry. Simar says I can’t believe saroj can do this. This is why I was scared for. Prem says Anjali has vikram by her side. She is safe. He stood for her.

Precap-KB says to Roshin you love Piyush right? I won anjali win her love. Roshni says what should I do? She says befriend me. Roshni says to vadhai if I were you I would have left this house long ago because my self respect is everything for me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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