Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mata ji slaps Khushi. She says if I knew you are like this I wont have let you live here for a moment. Khushi says what you think i wanna live here? I have no attachment to you people and this house. I am leaving this house right now. Mata ji says no. Everyone is dazed. She takes out her son from the room.
Mata ji says you can go wherever you want. But Pratham will live here with us. Khushi says in heart i knew mata ji would say this. I am sorry pratham there is no other way to keep you safe. Sankalp takes pratham. Khushi says you can do this today but soon my lawyer will call you. I am not leaving my rights. And simar bhabhi you are really great right? Take care of my son. Simar says listen to me. Khushi leaves. She says sankalp stop her. Sankalp says no she better leave.

He goes to his room.

Pratham is crying everyone tries to handle him. Mataji says sattu shalu go sit with sankalp. Mataji says i can’t believe all that she said. She was here with all of us yet she had all this poison in her heart. Was that fake? Roli says she shouldn’t have done this to her son at least. I dont know what is wrong with her.

Khushi sits in Patali’s feet and says forgive me. She says you opened my eyes. They never considered me part of them.I have no other place to live. Let me live here. I will do as you ask. Patali says in heart this can be beneficial to me. Patali says okay you can live here. Khushi says i am so grateful to you. From today i am just loyal to you and I will pray to you. Khushi says in heart i am not here to be your weapon. I am here to defend and atone for the sins your made me commit.

Devika asks simar why are you worried? simar says khushi has left home i was worried for her. simar says sees khushi coming in. Devika says i was about to tell you khushi is living here. simar says what is this khushi? We will talk and fix your complains. Khushi says i wont live where i am not respected. Simar says its not like that. Khushi goes in. devika says calm down. She is mad. simar syas thank you so much. Khushi says this is your house.
Simar says lets start the work. Simar says you made this waist band? Devika says yes. Khushi says in heart this plan is related to this mud. I have to do something.

Devika says i would need simar’s bangles. Khushi says this means patali needs simar’s marriage symbols. Patali says now i know what my next move will be. Khushi comes in and says why you made food? I said i will make it. patali says this is for bahardwaj house. they wont forget it. Khushi says in heart i have to do something.
Devika comes to bharadwaj house and says i made these puris for khushi so i thought i should bring it here as well. Mataji says i am sure it will be good. Mataji says come sit with us. Devika says no khushi is alone i will eat with her. Devika says okay i have to go now.
Patali goes towards house. Khushi says in heart I have to stop everyone form eating those pooris.
Mataji says devika is such a nice girl. Pari says yes she is so nice. Khushi comes in clapping and says wow pari bhabi. I am impressed. If i had said this you would be laughing at me. i want my part in this house. everyone is dazed.

Precap-Everyone is about to eat puris. Patali says in heart now that will happen what i want.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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