Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush comes and hugs Simar. Simar says I was thinking about that girl. Piyush says I am jealous she broke a vase on my head. Simar says I hope she reached home safely and you know no one can take your place. Piyush says thank God I have no siblings. I don’t have to share you with anyone.
Mataji asks Pari is someone outside? Pari says there is a family they said they have seen Simar. Mataji runs out.
Outside there are Sanjay’s parents for Anjali’s proposal. Prem says mataji comes in. Mataji says where is our Simar? Why didn’t she come with you people? When will she come back? Prem says lets go to room. Sanjay’s mom asks who is simar? Pari says Simar is Anjali’s mom. She left this house with.. I feel ashamed saying it. The man says is

it true Prem?

Anjali says to Sanjay what you wanna ask? I am 5’6” I like dancing. He says you learned it? She says just go to pub drink and you dance. He says you go to pub? Anjali says my friends make me drinks specially guys. She says I had so many boyfriends. No no they were a few. There was no relation between me and them. He says okay. Anjali says you are so understanding. The last two were losers. I taught them real lesson.
Sanjay’s dad says why you concealed it from us? Pari says it was years ago we have nothing to do with her now. She is dead for us.
Sanjay says what? You broke their leg? Anjalu says calm down I won’t break yours. He runs downstairs. Khushi and Anjali come laughing.
Prem says Anjali won’t bother you, She is really nice. Sanjay says no she is crazy. She has no manners. Prem says what is it? He says I don’t wanna marry your daughter. Forgive us. Khushi says mind your language. Anjali is one in a million. The woman says what would daughter be like when her mother left the house. We will never get our son married to a girl like that. They leave. Khushi says Simar was so proud of her manners right? I ruined them.

Simar is doing something. The pen falls down the sofa. She finds Anjali’s phone there. The phone is off. Simar asks Kaka to bring the charger. When he does, Simar opens her phone and says says this number is saved as Home I should call it.
Mataji says bring Simar back in this house God please. Phone rings Mataji picks it up. Mataji hears Simar’s voice and is dazed.
Mataji says simar? Simar says I can’t hear you. Khushi plays music. Mataji says I knew you would call you. Everyone has gone crazy. Mataji says I knew you can’t forget me. Simar says I can’t hear you. The music behind you is too loud. Khushi and Pari start teasing and taunting Mataji. Mataji says it was Simar. Pari says give me the phone. Mataji says why did you disconnect the call? It was my Simar. She wanted to talk to me.
prem comes in and says whats going on here? Mataji says it was simar on call. Prem says she won’t come back. Mataji says I heard her on phone. prem says she would have come back if she wanted to. Pari says she is getting mad day by day. Khushi says its about time we decide that we send her to assylum. Prem says shut up Khushi. Khushi says because of Mataji we were insulted today and Anjali’s proposal got rejected.
Mataji says give me this phone. Simar will call all this. They drag Mataji to her room.

Piyush sees Simar’s phone with anjali. piyush says who was this girl in your photo. Simar says I don’t know. He says she is in your lap and you dont’ know who she is? Simar says might be of some function or something. Piyush says you have kept it save. SImar says I cleaned store and found it there. Piyush says are you hiding something? Simar says why would I? Piyush says you can’t conceal anything from me. Promise? Simar says promise. SImar says where are you guys going for party?
Piyush says Rohan is taking us to club. He says I have list of your dos and don’ts. Simar says I am mom I get worried for you. He says I like it when you care for me. He leaves. Siamr says I can’t hurt you by telling you truth. Some relations shouldn’t be talked about.

Precap-A guys mixes something in Anjali’s drink. Piyush rohan and anjali are there too. Police comes in. Rohan and Anjali are in one room. Police thinks he was with her and arrests Rohan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pari and Khushi are so horrible ? Kinda glad Anjali got rejected she’s an absolute nightmare now!

  2. Didn’t simar hv two daughters? What was the other child’s name? And did they say what happened to her? I’ve lost track of the show and hv only recently started watching again.

  3. Where is Sanjna ? Pl. writer show Sanjana. Let Prem & Simar to remember Sanjana as she is also their daughter.

  4. Hello folks Sanjana went to London with Siddarth Roli’s husband.

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