Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amar tells simar how he caught mohini and sunanda and prem was abducted by them.
Amar said to mohini why you came in our lives mohini, I will kill you today. Sunanda hit amar on head with a rod, he fainted.

Simar says this why when i was running i found you in closet and you were faint. Amar says when I was conscious, everything had ruined. Simar says tell me what happened next. Amar continues, when i gained consciousness I found myself in bharadwaj house. He woke up and wondered where he is. He said this is my bharadwaj house room. Mata ji said this is not possible nothin can happen to my simar. Mohini saidI and my mom have killed simar. Roli screamed and cried. And your son prem, we have abducted him too. Roli says this is not possible, she grabbed mohini. Mohini says i think she

can’t understand that her sister is dead. Sujata said this is not possible. Mohini said now you will have to do as i ask. Or i will kill prem too. Amar came and said i wont leave you alive mohini. She shoved amar. Mohini said you can’t kill me. And yes i killed simar. She was right i am a witch, you can’t kill a witch. I was doing a pooja and wanted to sacrifice sanjina. Simar came and ruined my pooja, that started my enmity for you. I wont have come in your life, simar invited me. Your lives are ruined. Unless I am successful you will have to do as I ask or prem will be dead. Roli sid and amar roped Mohini, rajhinder said mata ji we should call cops. Mata ji said i will kill her, she killed my simar. Mohini said who will me? You? You can’t harm a witch. Mata ji says you we have God with us. Mohini says so God will come on land to kill us? Mata ji says ganga jal is enough for you. Mata ji went to take ganga jal, Mohini takes out her long tail, lights turn off. Mata ji can’t see in temple. After the lights turn on, sid is no where.

Everyone looks for sid and Sunanda is not here as well. Mata ji and everyone started looking for sid. Mohini comes in laughing, she has pot in her hand. Sunanda said this is the black magic of my daughter, you don’t know her powers. she has started her game. God find your sid if you can. Mohini is in balcony. She says I am here and sid, where he is? She brought the pot and said here is your sid.

Precap-Mohini said here is your sid, come meet him roli. Roli ran after her and went to her room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. kam se kam aaj flash back me yi sahi.. roli, sid, mataji, prem, sanju, anjali ko dekha…. but want them back in serial soon,… want rosid back…

  2. Omg melodrama

  3. witch first kept sid in pot with her black magic.. then when roli went behind her in room she kept roli in pot.. after that when comes mohini room she then tell family to leave mataji , sanjana and anjali… these 5 are in pots so where is prem?? now pari also added with them…..

  4. when roli and sid back to ssk.. want to see them back in ssk asap… please bring them back..

  5. Good episode

  6. in yesterday sbs segment which shows mataji sanjali will show on monday… full dragging .. plz dont drag serial… put foolstop for dayan track and bring any new track…

  7. i think cvs will have lost their mind…. when trp falls down they will show rosid scenes… after gaining trp they again sidelined them… now also doing same with rosid… what is the dayan track… if again trpfalls they bring them…
    cvs r u mad why u people test our patience… bring rosid back in ssk soon

  8. for only flash back they are showing 2 episodes… full dragging… end this track… dragging dragging dragging only…

  9. guys are you intrseting in this track???

  10. i think amar and mohini didnt get married she acts like got married i think…. what u say friend.. whai is your opinion??? do you intrested in watching this track???

  11. I think prem is in tat pillar outside bw house…..

  12. Ya tis track is interesting sandya……wats ur opinion???ya amar and Mohini are not married….

    1. no yaar.. without rosid i am not getting intrest to watch ssk…missing them badly… only reading updates…. want to see rosid soon in ssk… they tell simar and roli are raksha kavach of bw house and in all problems they solve together.. from nagin track amar is helping simar and roli is totally sidelined.. and now also in this track amar trying to help simar.. and they find mataji gada with them now mataji helps her.. then what about roli?? always roli helps her but from nagin track amar helping her.. i cant see amar helping her want to see rosim together like always in every previous tracks.. this story belongs to two sisters around problems in there life so they both have to solve not only one to solve.. want roli back and rosim together solve this dayan track i dont want to see amar helping simar… want sister relation back…

  13. End dis crap…. Its rubbish…. Boring.. And filthy too…. U r teaching ppl nonsense… In dis century whr we hv advanced so mch dey r showing dayan, nagin, ghost…. Wat next???? Vampires or werewolves???? Idiots… Moreover dey r sending message to d society dat if u nvr harm ne1 nd b gud alwys then be sure bad will befall upon u. Go to hell with this crap. Dnt undrstnd y do sch beautiful n talented actors work in dis idiotic serial… Let the writers n producer rot… Hate dem…

  14. I also dnt need tis track without rosid its boring…they are the pillars of tis show pls end tis track soon ….and smoothiy…

  15. Y all guys want to c Rosid. Simar is here then No fear.

  16. What’s happening there I cant understand….plz yaar change the daayan wala track…bring rosid back and put some scenes for them too….or else the show will lose its trp…..?

  17. anybody can tel me wen rosid return in ssk…???
    and in on location i saw video in that mohini mother calls simar as choti dayan aajao.. why???

  18. ssk upcoming twist.. its kali amavasya night …. mohini is ready to give sanjana for bali.. how simar will save her daughter now??

  19. i wanna c maya again….plz….as 2n sister of simar n wife 2amar..

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