Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is busy with arrangements. Simar says why are there so less sweets? Everything should be like.. Sid says like roli arranged. Everything will be same. Like roli loved. Mata ji says when all the preparations are done roli will be so happy.
Prerna comes with her luggage. She says I have an important conference so I have to go out of Dehli. Simar says you can leave after pooja. Prerna says okay then I have a condition you all have to wear punjabi for besakhi. Mata ji says okay as you wish. Uma says I am doing to cook.

Swara is packing her stuff. Sanskaar says is it important to go? She says yes I can’t say no to simar. Raghini says I know how important a sister is.She will feel good if you go. Swara says yes that is why I am going. Sanskaar says okay go. Raghini

says text me when you reach there. Sanskaar says and take care okay. Raghini coughs and says I understand you need private time.
Sanskaar holds her hand and says I will miss you. She says I will miss you too. He says never take these bangles off,they look good on you. She says never. He hugs her and kisses her forehead. Swara kisses her cheek.

The chandan maani appears out of the sand. The pooja starts. Swara joins them. She says I couldn’t meet roli one last time. When she came to Calcutta she said that wanted the best and loud shank so I bought this for her. She places it near her picture. Swara says some people are celebrating it outside. Mata ji says yes all neighbors celebrate it there. Get fresh we will go there too.
Simar gives swara a dress and says this is your attire for today. Swara says thank you so much. i have something for you. Simar says what? swara says let me get ready first.
Sanskaar calls her. She says yes I reached. I was about to call you. He says we miss together. Swara says stop flirting bye. He says I am not flirt. Swara hangs up.

Mata ji and rest of family meet all neighbors. Simar and swara come with dhol. Everyone dances. Simar says sid come dance. Mata ji says go celebrate everyone. For roli. Prem takes sid with him. They all dance on nagada.
Prerna is leaving. She says thank you for loving me like a family.The chandan maani is on door. Sid says I was so rude to you still you did so much for us. she leaves.
Swara smiles at simar. Simar says you must be tired go rest. Let me know if you need something. All go their rooms.
Simar locks the door. It opens again itself.

Next morning, Simar prepares breakfast. She says why is everyone asleep. Swara comes running and says no one is home. Simar says how is that possible. Swara says call prem. His number is off. Simar is scared. Simar says his number is off. Swara says call someone else. Simar calls mata ji her. Her number is off too. Swara says how is that possible. Swara says is this a plot. Simar says I buried the chandan maani then who could do this?

Next parts in Swaragini’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. arey yaar they cut swasan icepack and kiss scene… they cut the scene.. hope they give the scene… but when roli came to calcutta… what they showed… is really swara met roli…. what bloopar it is…

  2. Seriously I really can’t control ma frustration.. Roli hasn’t lived for herself for not even once, she always sacrificed everything evrytym either for her sis or bw family n evn sid.. Itz so sad dat bw family n sid moving on.. Dey r celebrating coz roli lyd da festival.. Really?? Den y dint da bw family celebrate ny festival wen simar was assumed to be dead?? Itz really painful even to read diz written update n I sware am nt going to see diz stupid show ever without rosid.. Roli did so much for everyone n being pictured as ‘bw parivaar ki laadli’ n iz diz how dey treat their laadli’??
    N wat abt all da promises of sid’s to roli?? He said he cant live witout roli..If nw sid z paired with prerna den itz nt only an insult for rosid’s love but an insult for love itself.. Plz just bring avika bak n restore rosidianz faith in love…

  3. Can’t watch ssk without Avika makes me cry we want Avika back

  4. yes haritha ya rite plz bring roli back n just twist that show

  5. Stupid show the writes don’t know anything except supernatural.

  6. Since the supernatural track started no festival was celebrated. Now suddenly after Roli death zey celebrate in her name. How selfish! Roli did so much for the family n Sid and yet this is how she is being treated. Soon she will be forgotten by all including Siddhant. So much promises made by Sid to Roli will turn into nothing. It will truly be a very big insult to all the fans who love Rosid. In the end it will be sid who we will hate when he will give Roli place to another. Which am sure will happen when the great mahaan simar and great paarivar will give him a big bhashan abt life n all.Eventually Sid will bow down! Except marrying Sid has no other thing to do in life now.

  7. so worst…roli sacrifice his life for tis simar…without think of sid…roli made big mistake…but here tis simar forgot everything and enjoyed a lot..tell the name of roli…even other members r hesitate to celebrate…but how tis simar is dancing…poor sid..iam so worried to c sid without roli…but he only think abt roli than simar…tat is love…cvs dnt spoil rosid love…leave sid alone…r come back avika…

  8. this is too much…even though its her wish..hw can they njy n celebrate that much happily….i think even. 1 week also not compltd roli death…they want to celebrate n party…fr that y to bring roli in middle…irritated.with dilogue ( fr roli sake ) just hate bw family…i want all to die including.sid…i literally cried by cing posts in family partying…nt reading came here to let out my frustation..stupid ssk cvs

  9. stupid idiot serial please stop this serial without Avika
    don’t spoil Rosid pure love
    no new partner for Siddhant

  10. Stupid show ! Plz bring roli back.I Cant watch ssk without her

  11. Stupid show . Plz bring roli bak

  12. Such a bullshit serial. Why you can enter the evil drama again and again.I don’t ever seen such a disguise serial… Miss you avika and rosid scenes…

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