Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar takes out her wed locket and handovers it to prem, everyone is shocked. prem is too shocked to take it.
Rolu defends herself with a vase.
simar goes to temple and place her wedlocket there.simar says without saying anything you know God why i have done this. And without you saying, i know when i come home, prem will make me wear it again. This is not hope, this is my faith. In your power. Simar leaves the house.

Roli comes in a room and locks it. Sid(aryaan) comes and starts knocking at it. roli is in tears.
Mata ji says you know there must be a reason behind what simar has done. someone should go with her, she can be in trouble. prem says its not only about simar, its about safety of whole house, she has showed us her decision she can do what she

wants. Mata ji says how can you say that? you are her husband, you have to protect her. sujata says you know the value of wed locket in a woman’s life. She placed it there so easily. Rajhinder says let it go mata ji they are grown ups they don’t need any suggestions we better stay quite. mata ji says what is wrong with you all. This time is not to be mad at simar’s decision we have to help her. prem goes to his room, everyone else leaves the living room as well. mata ji says she needs our help why you all don’t understand. rajhinder consoles her. amar says mata ji don’t worry we will go to save her, calendar and amar go after simar.
Mata ji goes to temple and says God my family and especially prem are not understanding the truth is simar’s heart, i trust her and i know she wont do anything that would harm us. help her and give her strength.

Simar reaches rajveer’s house and rings the doorbell. roli says who is it? It can’t be rajveer. Sid stops as well. Simar clambers in from a window. she looks for roli here and there. roli hears her voice. sid goes downstairs. simar sees the vase and sword on the floor. simar says where are you roli? She sees roli coming. Roli hugs her. They are both crying. simar says are you okay? roli says yes i am fine but why you came here. Sid comes and hits something on simar’s head, simar faints. Roli says didi open your eyes please.

prem looks at her photo with simar and recalls how she took off her wed locket. He says i thought there is nothing more important than me in your life, you would never separate me from you. but i was wrong, you proved today there is no significance of my love in your life. i wont stop you. anjali asks prem where is mama? he says i dont know she doesn’t care about anyone us. Now go and complete you homework. mata ji comes in and says your mom will come in a while, till then go to uma and complete you homework. mata ji says to prem, i know you are hurt by what simar did but please your relationship with her is not that weak. wed locket is just a symbol, the attribute that binds you together is love. prem says its the symbol of same love. i have suffered a lot because of simar, we lost sid because of simar. she proved it all right today. i will never pardon her. He throws their photo away.

Precap-roli says didi open your eyes. sid comes near roli to kill her. he stabs her but someone holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. plz anyone can upload 2011,2012 and 2013 ssk all videos … plz upload in youtube all ssk videos..

  2. Yes. Even i wanted to watch but they aren’t available anymore. And a shocking thing is that one video of 22 january 2014 doesn’t open. Says it is inappropriate to watch it.

  3. It’s maya who will stop sid from killing simar. She will be shocked to know that sid and maya are alive. Dunno what will happen after that.

  4. Oh yeh I have tried everything to watch to but they don’t load or say video not available today’s episode was ok but would be better wid rosid scene hate maya

  5. i thank its amar come and stops sid vl fight with amar calender dey try to escape and after dat simar gains consious and see sid .. he try to harm simar again den maya come and stops sid… simar amar shocked to see sid maya alive and after dat roli tells da truth about der plan..

  6. Then even amar and calendar will come to know the truth. Will they tell the family then?

    1. yes mataji also see’ s sid …. she also comes to rajveer house… after dat maya help dem to get out frm da rajveer house.. rosim amar cal and mataji will come out of da house.. i thnk in next week mausiji entry is der in bw house as -ve character.. when it revelead dnt know..

  7. I think they will wont tell to family these some one will get promise tis always happnes in ssk

  8. Wat will.happwn next?

  9. Tis bw family always dnt believe simar…if one started scolding others will start……

    1. stupid family

  10. What a slow motion drama and spoilers tell you something from two future episodes..
    waste of time… to watch this ssk
    when will simar be happy and laughing? always show her crying

    1. yes.. n 1 more thng… y dese ppl r so xcited to watch past episodes n dat too frm 1st episode!!!!!

  11. But nw roli simar and Amar knows Sid is alive but in one vedio Amar is getting married who is tat???? Is tat roli???even after knowing Sid is alive y they are showing like tis…….

    1. no its frm his another show whch he played i thnk…

  12. bt roli had killed maya with that trishul, then how can she alive again??

    1. its plan made by roli and maya upcmg episode it vl show…. and her nagamani is with rajveer dats y dey are in rajveer house… after dat getng her mani again maya becomes -ve or she stays as +ve we have to wait and see… aftrdat wat vl hapn with herchartr how cvs shows have to wait and see…

      1. hmm allright

  13. What a Medical Miracle? Maya still alive :O

  14. why donot mataji say about rajveer to the family that he is taking revenge for some thing
    she might have doubt on him that she knew him

  15. No pari tat was a plan made by Maya roli and Lal bahadur…….to show to bw family tat Maya died…..

    1. thnks akshu for information

  16. No re maya’s death is just a plan made by roli and maya to save sid maya bcm good when she saw sid hitting himself with trisul so no need to kill maya

  17. Hai guys
    hw r u alll
    missing u very muj

  18. Where is pragna????

    1. iam here akshu.

  19. Hey hiiii…u asked me na where am frm my native is Kerala and nw am at Chennai and where u r frm?????

    1. iam from andhra pradesh yaar

      1. akshu r u studying or working????

  20. Am studying yaar col.2nd year u???

    1. i was completed 12th waiting for results

  21. avika told dat… in interview.. upcoming roli hides in another house and she told dat duniya ke liye roli gayab and rajveer point of view she dead… she came to know dat because of her da prblems between premar is incresing… she wants to tel total truth to prem..but if rajveer knows about roli he vl kill siddanth.. she cant do anythng.. wen roli decides to tel prem amar stops her if u do dis sid vl die roli cant do anythng helpless… and dey tel about maya helpng u.. so u vl help her to mani.. its ssk with twist and turns.. the mission of them is to get mani back..maya become more powerful to help dem..lets hope she get mani back.. jab tak mani dey didnt get sid vl be gulam of rajveer…dey hoping get the gem da team vl be strong and sid return. dey try to fight with rajveer.. but the point is who is rajveer y he came to bw house has to take revenge.. and mausiji also came back in house in alag…

  22. rajveer is using sid to take revenge frm bw house uska pahla nishan hai prem ko barbad karna.. diff b/w premar increses.. maya tells simar to about rajveer plan… so simar stops sid to stay in bw house.. roli wants to tell everythng to prem but she is helpless….rajveer new game by sending sid to bw house rajveer wants bw parivaar ka barbadi… first nishan hai prem.. using sid prem ko jaan se marna when simar come to know abt dis simar stops sid to stay bw house….

  23. may rajveer be son of mousiji..

  24. Oh Sid will act as good in bw family?????

  25. yes rajani u r write rajveer is the son of mausiji and mausiji and rajveer is now taking their badla against bw

  26. this serial s nice bt draggging much
    i luv premar & rosid

  27. Hi all… How u doing??? Whts hpng in ssk.. Nothing positive I guess as always

  28. hi,hw r u all?

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