Sasural Simar Ka 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Winds blow, mata ji says is simar okay? please help her God. Mata ji starts crying.
Mohini looks at the water and smiles. Simar comes out of water. She sees a lot of people. There is a large idol there too. Simar says mohini you wanted to stop me? come stop me now. Simar comes out of the water.

Sunanda says enough of this drama. Uam do as I asked you. All the witches surround them. Pari says to sunanada rajhinder and sujataa are with prem and khushi in this room. Sunanda says she is your daughter in law. she is so loyal to us. you have served us pari. But we were just together till now. Its time to set you free. Mata ji says what you mean? Sunanda says keep quite mata ji.

Sunanda comes near pari and throws some liquid on her. Simar is at mahakumb. Simar says how will I find that secret out.
Pari looks at her family. She says mata ji? Mata ji says pari. Sunanda says now give prem to us. We are here to take him with us.
Simar is sitting an old woman comes and asks is there some trouble? I am like your mom you can tell me. Simar says i am worried for my family. i am here to find the solution. Al the ways looks similar. She says you have lost the path? She says look in front of you. You have the way. Simar sees a way. She starts walking on it. Simar comes back and sees that the old woman isn’t there anymore. Simar says who was she? Simar recalls her saying you will find the way and all the answers.

Sunanda says why are you thinking so much? Bring prem here. Mata ji enough. Don’t scare someone so much that they start losing all the fear. We don’t fear you anymore. The fight is even now. Do whatever you want now. They all stand in front of her.

mohini is looking for simar. she says i wont leave you simar. Simar is running. Mohini sees her.

Precap-simar asks a man do you know where is baba. He says in the jungle. simar goes in that direction. Mohini holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I saw spoilers that mohini will die and one more witch will join how stupid I need rosid scenes

  2. ssk: simar continue’s to search mohini’s deathsecret in the kumbh mela,while mohini follows her. simar runs and tries to break her moh jaal. mohini decides to stop her and runs after her. soon, mohini will die and other daayan will come in simar’s life.

  3. sasural simar ka: mohini’s drama will culminate in nasik kumbh. mohini will chase simar and reach nasik. simar will findout the secret of mohini’s power and how to kill her. after a tough fight between simar and mohini finally simar will succeed in killing mohini.

  4. when rosid will back in ssk.. missing them badly.. dont no when they will back in ssk.. is pari become normal.. or again she acting.. dont no wat happening bring rosid back soon

  5. Oh come on…. Please finish this stupid track….

  6. is pari really back to normal? or she acting? plase bring rosid back soon..who is the new daayan in simar’s life… is it means rosid will not back soon in ssk/. ?? please reply me..

  7. i dont no but i think pari not become normal.. i think she is acting … guys what do you think is pari becomes back to normal… or she acting?? reply me.. please..

  8. I miss rosid…..plz show them fast

  9. plz bring rosid…. Simrol together fight with mohini.. Roli plz come back soon ur simar di in trouble plz support her…. Poor simar she is alone fight with mohini so sad for her…. Matharani plz save simar family.. Pari is normal or she is acting plz tel me frds….

  10. It’s so annoying before I used to love ssk but now I just hate it

  11. Plzz bring bck rosid i mis them lot..

  12. the secret behind a dayan’s death is to cut her long tail.

  13. If i were there i would just kill the dayan and bring rosid back somehow within a would tat be ?

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